Monday, September 27, 2010

Caught on Tape

A few videos tonight to make up for my lack of posts lately.

Ian reading "Three Silly Billies" The three billy goats are trying to cross the troll bridge, but they don't have $1 for the troll, so as other characters cross (3 bears, Little Red, Jack) they hop into the goats' car "pool" and eventually sweep the troll away when they drain their pool. Ian's picked that book for bedtime the last 4 nights, and decided to read it to us instead:

Ian loves preschool. Every night he asks, "When I wake up, it's preschool?" If the answer's yes, his response is usually, "Yeah, I'm so excited!" If not, there are quite often tears. He's gotten sick of us asking about it when we pick him up, saying he doesn't want to talk about it, even though that's all Darrin and I want to know about- what he does while he's away from us. He has started Sunday school now, too. The teacher commented on how quiet he speaks. I told her just to wait a few weeks. At both places, the teachers have commented on what a model he is for the other students, which makes my teacher-loving heart burst.

Annaliese is mobile. She doesn't opt for the traditional crawl, instead exerting more energy to do the army crawl. She's proficient enough at it to get into her brother's things now, which doesn't make Ian the happiest. He is, however, very willing to share with her when he's sure the toy is a safe one for her. We definitely have to keep a more vigilant eye on her than we did Ian- there weren't any small toys around for us to even worry about with him.

She had her 6-month check-up two weeks ago. She was 27.25 inches and 17 pounds 11 ounces. While there they discovered she had an ear infection, the 2nd of her life. We had to go back to the doctor just 5 days later because she wasn't acting like herself. Her ears hadn't cleared up, so they prescribed a stronger antibiotic. She still doesn't seem like herself, but between her ears, her two teeth that are coming in, the new foods she's trying, and the congestion in her chest, I just have no idea what's the problem. We just might be making another trip by the end of the week, as her pediatrician wanted to see her again if her congestion doesn't get any better. She does have two teeth on the bottom, and LOVES her food. So far, she's had peas, green beans, squash, and peaches, all homemade by me. She'd probably have sampled a lot more if we were using the store bought kind, but she has to wait for me to make them first.


Moneik said...

Both kids are changing and growing so quickly! Very cute.

Stephanie Burke said...

I wish Ian would talk about preschool! I want to hear about it, too!