Thursday, September 9, 2010


I love long weekends, especially if they were like this Labor Day weekend, but oh how I dread the work week that follows. There is the same, if not more, work and meetings crammed into this week than a normal week, and this week is no exception. I am completely exhausted. I really love my new job, though, and am so happy I made the change. I love working with the teachers and working together to come up with ideas to implement in their rooms. I am also challenged by some of the students assisting the teachers with, as they are far different from those I worked with during my teaching years. Yet I love the challenge of figuring out what will work for them.

This past weekend was great. We spent it back in Iowa visiting family. Saturday we spent with Darrin's family. His sister and her hubby were up with our nephew, and it was great to see them. Owen is crawling everywhere, standing on his own, and cruising around furniture at only 8 months old. I am NOT ready for Annaliese to hit any of those stages. The house will need to be baby-proofed again and we'll need to be on our toes more. Ian loved "playing" with Owen, trying to get him to crawl after him and chase him or play tractors.

Sunday we spent with my parents, enjoying the wonderful cool weather. It had been a long time since Ian had ridden his tractor. He had been refusing every other time we were home. This time, though, he was big enough to peddle on his own, though Annaliese was a bit of a heavy load for him to haul. Monday we swung by Iowa City to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and Oliver in the NICU before heading back. It was a good day for Oliver as he was headed to a different bay as he didn't need as much care as he was getting.

Annaliese and Owen

Ian and Owen

Grandma and Annaliese

Best Ride in Town

Best Ride in Town

He said he was a bird

Helping Owen get a bath

Baby Oliver!

And it's taken me so long to write this post that it's now the following weekend. Goal for this week: be more current with my posts :)

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Stephanie Burke said...

Owen looks really huge in that picture of him sitting on Ian's lap!