Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Six Months Old!

I can't believe Annaliese is 6-months old today. She's growing up so fast. With Ian I couldn't wait for him to hit each milestone. With Annaliese, she can take her time getting to the milestones. We still celebrate each one, but I know that with each one she's getting that much older.

At six months she can:

Hold her own bottle with quite a firm grip
Bottle Girl

Open wide for her homemade green beans
Mmmmm, food

One of my favorite things she does is hold on to our faces and pull us close for kisses
Give me kisses Daddy!

She can sit up briefly without assistance
Sitting by herself

She loves being on her tummy and is rolling even more and is trying to crawl (though she's not getting anywhere yet)

She can take ADORABLE pictures (even if I'm in the picture with my new glasses)
Mommy's got new glasses
Chubber Cheeks


Tricia said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I see a lot of Ian in her!

Jennifer said...

Happy half-birthday to Annaliese, she is a beautiful baby and so talented at six months!

Cara said...

Such a cutie. Dad is right we all have very cute and adorable kids!