Sunday, October 3, 2010

Loving this weather

Fall has arrived here in Omaha and I couldn't be happier! We've been spending lots of time this week outside. Ian's been riding his bike like a pro now (it only took all summer to coax him to even put his feet on his pedals). It was a big deal for him and us taking the attachment off the back of his trike that let us steer. He still freaks out a bit and heads for the grass when he feels like he's getting too far out of control.
Riding all by himself!

Annaliese had a great spot on the grass to watch her big brother cruise around.
Sitting like a big girl

Darrin and Ian headed to the zoo yesterday while Annaliese slept and I cleaned the house. Darrin had some of his aunts and uncles stop by to visit yesterday as they were returning from vacation to Iowa. While she was awake, Annaliese spent some time snuggling with Alice.
Annaliese and Great Aunt Alice

Today we headed to the park to take advantage of the weather. Annaliese experienced her first ride in the swing, as well as the feel of sand on her feet. Darrin and I were talking about just how different she is from Ian, as he hated the feel of sand and grass on his feet for the longest time, and she doesn't seem to mind at all.
Swinging for the first time
Playing in the sand
As Ian went to bed tonight, he was able to snuggle under his tractor quilt. I got it finished just in time for the cool fall weather. Now to finish up some baby gifts before they become toddlers!
Ian with his finished tractor quilt

I also have done a bit of scrapbooking, completing my first layout for Annaliese's scrapbook and another for Ian's.
Christmas 2008
Annaliese 2 weeks


Jennifer said...

Looks like a great weekend and the tractor quilt and scrapbook pages look great!

Cara said...

Ian looks very excited for his quilt. Glad you had a good weekend.