Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend in pictures

It was a busy weekend, and I could write a blog post for each day, but this coming week is going to be extremely busy, too, so one post with lots of pictures will just have to do. One thing I learned while uploading and editing these is I need to have a steadier hand when shooting without flash/not on auto.

Thanksgiving spread
We had a DELICIOUS dinner at Brian and Jodi's house (they make the best turkey ever). Annaliese had her first bites of turkey and loved them, as well as the squash and mashed potatoes. The cranberry sauce, apple salad, and rolls were a hit with Ian (whose head is below the camera).

Isn't it cold outside?
After lunch, Ian decided to burn some calories, and not even the frigid temps could keep him indoors. He had fun running around in the backyard and trying to get the dogs to play with him.

We weren't able to stay too long at Brian and Jodi's because we had to get to Davenport for Christmas at Great Billie's. And what's Christmas at Great Billie's without an appearance by Santa.

What's in there, Santa?
Ian got to help open the bag and pass out the presents.

Who are you?!
Annaliese sat on Santa's lap for the first time and wasn't quite sure what to think.

And that wasn't even all of them!
As always, Santa Clause and Great Billie went a little overboard with all the presents. Ian couldn't wait to open them up and Annaliese didn't know what in the world to think.

His favorite gift
Ian's favorite gift was this Buzz Lightyear. It wasn't out of his reach most of the weekend. We even had to write IAN on the bottom of his foot like Andy does in the movies.

Her favorite gifts
Annaliese didn't wait very patiently to open her book. The hat couldn't have been better timed. Darrin and I had just talked about that morning how we really needed to get a hat for her.

The next day we went to visit my grandparents in Davenport. We ate a scrumptious lunch and the kids had a great time playing on the floor and with all the vehicles.

He loves trains
Ian absolutely loved playing with this train set (imagine that). He eventually added two more cars to it as well. My aunt told stories of how it never stayed together and they had to tie it with twist ties for Ian just like they did when they were kids.

Playing with Great Grandpa
He had fun teasing Great Grandpa by ramming his chair with the tractor, too.

Fun times with grandpa
Annaliese crawled all over the place and loved pushing the trucks around on the floor as well, or playing with Ian's ball.

Look at those teeth!
And look at all her teeth! Her first one on the top is just starting to come through as well.

How is that comfortable?
After a long day of playing trains, trucks, and bear cave with Grandpa Dave, Ian fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the house. How this is comfortable I have no idea. Luckily this trip wasn't very far and he figured out how to sleep more comfortably for the drive back to Omaha.

We came back from Davenport yesterday and spent the day trying to re-acclimate ourselves. Today was all about decorating for Christmas.

Decorating the tree
Ian helped with the decorating even more this year, though we had to teach him about placement on the tree. Otherwise all the ornaments would have been in one large clump.

Getting some help with the angel
He got to put the angel on the top of the tree.

Didn't get placed on the tree this year
Here's the one ornament that we didn't put up on the tree this year...

Wearing "Santa's boots."
For some reason, he' thinks the stockings are Santa's boots, and we let him, because it's so darn cute when he wears them. He remembered doing this last year, too. His memory is amazing. He was asking us about certain ornaments before we even had the box out of the basement, and was able to set up other decorations all around the house without being told where they go.

It was a long weekend
All the weekend fun, plus the middle-of-the-night sickness we dealt with last night, tuckered the poor guy out and he fell asleep in Darrin's arms by 6:30 tonight. He never woke up as Darrin carried him to bed, either, which is even more amazing.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review

It was a pretty tame week/weekend for us. Nothing major happened, except for the fact that Annaliese waved bye for the first time, even accompanying it with a "buh", and that Ian successfully poured milk into his bowl of cereal and got his coat on all by himself. We spent our time hanging out in the house and being completely lazy. Which means I have to get a lot accomplished in these next few days before the holiday. I stopped being lazy long enough to make a little something on the sewing machine, but tis the season for secrets, so it won't be revealed until later. On to the pictures:

After church today Ian said he wanted to color when he got home. He drew a picture of Marlena, Noah, and Walter (in Noah's arms). He refused to pose in the picture himself, though.
Family Portrait

Ian also enjoyed his first cup of hot cocoa for the season this week. He's had one every day since, though sometimes he just eats the marshmellows out of them.
Yummy cocoa

Annaliese is really displaying her independence at meal time, wanting to feed herself. We started Cheerios this weekend and had bite-sized carrots and bananas, too. She loves to eat!
Happy girl at lunch time

And she loves to make noise. The xylophone has become one of her favorite toys. Perhaps she'll follow in my footsteps.
Following in her mommy's shoes

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reflection on the weekend

So I didn't accomplish everything I intended to this past weekend, but I do know that without posting that list to my blog, practically nothing would have gotten done on it. It forced me to think about the purpose of everything I was doing; Is this something I can cross off- if not, is it worth not crossing something off? By Sunday night I was pooped and didn't care about crossing things off, but oh, how it helped on Friday night and Saturday. So don't be surprised if you see another lengthy list in future weekends.

Here are some things the list didn't capture:
It snowed here Friday night (about 2 inches) and Ian was jumping up and down with excitement. He asked me if he still had mittens and wanted to know where the parts to the snowman were. Granted, by the time he got outside the next day, it was mostly gone, but he still got to enjoy it for a bit.
First Snow

On Sunday I went to the quilt show at Lauritzen Gardens. They had some of the smaller quilts interspersed in their chrysanthmum show, and others on display in the adjoining room. The quilts all had to be nature themed. There was one quilt there that was entirely one sheet of fabric, but not a cotton. It had a metallic sheen to it and had the most amazing quilting on it.
Quilt 1
Quilt 2
Quilt 3
Quilt 4

My Two Monkeys
My Two Monkeys

Baker's Assistant
Cookie Maker

How does this work

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forcing Myself to Get it Done! (edit Sun. morning)

I have had a mental to-do list for the last, oh.... 5 weeks. I just keep pushing the list to the next weekend, and when that weekend shows, I do a bit of it, but not enough (insert time on the computer, watching tv, etc), and promise I'll do it after work on Monday, only to push it to the weekend again. Enter me blogging about it, so that hopefully the 5 people or so who read my mundane writings will ask me this weekend how things are going, or will see me on Facebook and force me to get off. So, here's my list for the weekend (red is a must, green is an it'd be nice...)

Friday Night:
Clean the kitchen (sweep, mop , scrub, etc)
Finish freezer meals: 90% finished
Make some baby food peas are done
Find patterns for baby gifts

Pick up Darrin's Christmas present (thank you Craig's list)
Avoid playing with Darrin's Christmas present (yes, he's getting it early)
Meet Meeghan for lunch (YEAH!) I even ran into her again later at the mall :)
Shop at Younkers (send me your Christmas list now)
Shop at Target (I guess I could shop for Christmas here, too)
Install new car seats assembled, but not instlled
Get fabric for baby gifts
Sew fabric baby gifts
Vaccuum, dust
Laundry (UGG!)
five loads down, 3 to go...
Clean bathrooms (Double UGG!) 50% done
Book Annaliese's pictures

Play bells at church (YEAH!)
Eat ham balls for lunch with great friends (YUM!)
Go to the Botanical Garden to see the quilt show
Sew!!! (I have really lacked all motivation in this department lately...)
Figure out Christmas lists

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surprise Visitor

I got a phone call today from my Uncle Dan that he was stopping in Omaha for the night and wanted to get together. I don't get to see him much, as he lived in Michigan most of my childhood. Now he drives semi, though. We met up with him and had a great time at supper talking about kids and catching up on family. Ian even got to tour the semi- he turned us down when we asked if he wanted to sleep in it. He was impressed that he was hauling Kit-Kats, as Ian had just had one from his Halloween bucket for a snack after school. I hope Uncle Dan has the chance to stop by again for supper on his way through town.

Trucker Ian