Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forcing Myself to Get it Done! (edit Sun. morning)

I have had a mental to-do list for the last, oh.... 5 weeks. I just keep pushing the list to the next weekend, and when that weekend shows, I do a bit of it, but not enough (insert time on the computer, watching tv, etc), and promise I'll do it after work on Monday, only to push it to the weekend again. Enter me blogging about it, so that hopefully the 5 people or so who read my mundane writings will ask me this weekend how things are going, or will see me on Facebook and force me to get off. So, here's my list for the weekend (red is a must, green is an it'd be nice...)

Friday Night:
Clean the kitchen (sweep, mop , scrub, etc)
Finish freezer meals: 90% finished
Make some baby food peas are done
Find patterns for baby gifts

Pick up Darrin's Christmas present (thank you Craig's list)
Avoid playing with Darrin's Christmas present (yes, he's getting it early)
Meet Meeghan for lunch (YEAH!) I even ran into her again later at the mall :)
Shop at Younkers (send me your Christmas list now)
Shop at Target (I guess I could shop for Christmas here, too)
Install new car seats assembled, but not instlled
Get fabric for baby gifts
Sew fabric baby gifts
Vaccuum, dust
Laundry (UGG!)
five loads down, 3 to go...
Clean bathrooms (Double UGG!) 50% done
Book Annaliese's pictures

Play bells at church (YEAH!)
Eat ham balls for lunch with great friends (YUM!)
Go to the Botanical Garden to see the quilt show
Sew!!! (I have really lacked all motivation in this department lately...)
Figure out Christmas lists


Jennifer said...

Wow! That's quite a list. Hope all is going well getting things marked off and you're left with some energy to sew tomorrow!

Debbie said...

It looks like you have made some headway on your to-do-list. You do know that you have more than 5 people who read your blog don't you? It is not mundane, it is informative and entertaining. Keep it up.