Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week in Review

It was a pretty tame week/weekend for us. Nothing major happened, except for the fact that Annaliese waved bye for the first time, even accompanying it with a "buh", and that Ian successfully poured milk into his bowl of cereal and got his coat on all by himself. We spent our time hanging out in the house and being completely lazy. Which means I have to get a lot accomplished in these next few days before the holiday. I stopped being lazy long enough to make a little something on the sewing machine, but tis the season for secrets, so it won't be revealed until later. On to the pictures:

After church today Ian said he wanted to color when he got home. He drew a picture of Marlena, Noah, and Walter (in Noah's arms). He refused to pose in the picture himself, though.
Family Portrait

Ian also enjoyed his first cup of hot cocoa for the season this week. He's had one every day since, though sometimes he just eats the marshmellows out of them.
Yummy cocoa

Annaliese is really displaying her independence at meal time, wanting to feed herself. We started Cheerios this weekend and had bite-sized carrots and bananas, too. She loves to eat!
Happy girl at lunch time

And she loves to make noise. The xylophone has become one of her favorite toys. Perhaps she'll follow in my footsteps.
Following in her mommy's shoes

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