Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #2- the "Friends" Christmas

I didn't forget Christmas #1- it happened at Thanksgiving, and you can catch up here if you need to. On Tuesday, Dec. 21, we had our second Christmas with our Omaha friends: Sara, Marlena, Noah, and Walter. After a soup super, we opened presents. Ian enthusiastically took on the role of passing out presents, piling them all up in front of us. In the past, Ian's opened each present, and then in turn wanted that present open to play with; we practically had to bribe him to open the next one. Not this year. This year with our friends he just torn into one, put it to the side, and wanted to open the next. It took a bit of convincing for him to wait until everyone else had chances to open some before he could open his next. Annaliese didn't care one bit about presents. We tried to get her to pull the paper, but she was more interested in just crawling around to everyone and playing with the already-opened gifts.

Darrin got to open the first gift, a flash for our camera, and what a difference it made in our pictures.

Elf Ian passing out presents
Pre-flash Elf Ian passing out presents

Annaliese's first present
Annaliese opening her first present- a "2010" ornament.

Ian reading "Mater and the Ghost Light" from Sara.

Sara and Annaliese
Between Annaliese and Walter, Sara's lap and arms were busy helping us out!

Annaliese celebrates

Annaliese and Walter- sizing each other up
Annaliese and Walter size each other up. A few seconds later, she attacked his face. Guess we know who won that showdown.

The string led to the easel.
Ian getting ready to open his big present. The string attached led to his present in the garage.

Ian's Gift
And hiding in the garage was this easel made by Noah. As soon as we got inside, Ian went straight to work playing school with us.

Annaliese's gift
Ian wasn't the only one to get a homemade gift. Annaliese got a baby bed made by Noah. Marlena made a sheet, two tiny pillows and a quilt that matches the one she made Annaliese for her baptism.

Thanks Marlena, Noah, Walter, and Sara for some fabulous Christmas gifts and memories!

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