Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas #3- Our Christmas

Santa came to our house early. Because we were headed back to Iowa for the holidays, we woke up Thursday morning to open gifts before heading back. Instead of opening our presents right away, though, we had to get our picture in our new pajamas. Every year on our Christmas Eve, we get new pjs to open presents in the next morning.

Our Christmas 2010

Annaliese continued her indifference towards her gifts. Instead of diving into her stocking, she took off towards the camera. And after the stockings were emptied, she found Ian's granola bars from his stocking more fun than opening the gifts under the tree.

Who cares about the stocking, I want the camera

Enthralled with Ian's Granola Bar

Ian, however, was very surprised to open his stocking and find Chick from the movie Cars inside. He hadn't even asked for it and Santa brought it. He even gave it a quick hug, which unfortunately the camera didn't capture.
Loving his stocking stuffer

While opening his gift from Santa, Ian exclaimed, "Hey! This is for Annaliese!" We encouraged him to look inside, and he was sure glad he did. Inside he found his yellow ambulance and a rescue helicopter.

But after all the presents were open, it was Annaliese who first played with the helicopter while Ian and Darrin looked through is Cars Seek & Find book.
Enjoying the presents

When finished, it was on to play with the helicopter until it was time to head to Iowa.
Ian and his Helicopter

The post is lacking pictures of Darrin and I, but he did a good job. He bought me a new laptop, and I gave him (and myself) an XBOX 360, as well as Fable 2 and Red Dead Redemption. Annaliese ended up getting stacking rings, books, a pink tea set, and a VTech helicopter. In addition to his ambulance, helicopter, Cars book, and Chick, Ian got a Buzz flashlight and books for his Leap Pad.

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Jennifer said...

Go figure, Santa brought Chick to our house too and left him in Jack's stocking! He must know the way to preschool boys' hearts!