Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas #4- the Doerscher gang

On Christmas Eve Day, we joined my parents and my sister, along with her family, in a Christmas brunch followed by even more presents. Before Cara, Shawn, and Oliver arrived, Ian opened a present early- a snow shovel- and put it right to use. Otherwise, no one would have been able to get there.
Scoopin Snow

Little Oliver slept through almost the whole thing, but he stayed awake long enough to get a family picture.
The Doerscher Clan

Ian again passed out all the presents. Since the majority of the present were for Oliver, Annaliese, and himself, he could practically do it all by himself. He'd just look at the first letter on the package (he can identify I, A, and O) and then know who it was for.
Elf Ian

While visiting my grandparents for Thanksgiving, Ian had noticed their flag and asked for one for Christmas. He was excited to find one in his stocking. As for presents under the tree, they contained a toy drill set, Cars bean bag toss, Toy Story the movie, Toy Story Alien fishing, lots of clothes, and a toy shopping cart filled with groceries to share with Annaliese.
Ian and his Flag

Opening his tool kit

Annaliese also got lots of clothes, a baby doll, a toy that pops balls into the air, and formula (and I'm sure I'm forgetting some- all the Christmases are blending together at this point). She finally started to get into opening her presents, reaching out for the paper. Of course once she got the paper torn off, that's all she wanted to play with.
Helping open a present

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