Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas #7- The Kuehl Christmas

This is the last Christmas recap. I know it's been a lot for some of you to read, but this blog is how I document our life, so years from now when I finally get around to scrapbooking the pages for the kids' albums, I can remember what happened. Christmas with the Kuehl side of the family was on Sunday. There were more games of Wits and Wagers and some rounds of cards. We had ham balls and chicken for lunch. Ian barely ate anything before he fell asleep in Grandma's bed. I guess all the Christmases and lack of a nap were finally catching up to him. Annaliese got a doll that giggles, and she laughed the minute she heard it. She also got a Sesame Street doctor's kit.

Giggle Baby

Sesame Doctor Kit

Apparently we should have given all her gifts to her in a gift bag, because she paid more attention to this one packaging than she did in all the other packages combined.

Finally, a package she's interested in

I don't know if she confused Uncle Brian with Darrin or not, but she liked to crawl and hang out with him, too.

Annaliese and Uncle Brian

Ian LOVED his truck, trailer, and riding lawn mower that he got. He also got a coloring book.
Ian's truck and hauler

He had the honor of giving Grandma her present- a money tree. She's got the fun job of getting all the money off of there and spending it as she wants.

Grandma's Money Tree

And finally, nearly 10 months after her birth, I remembered to get a 4-generation shot when they were all together.
Four Kuehl Generations

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Anonymous said...

The four gen is so great! I have one of those, too, and it still touches me to look at it, as two of the gens are gone now. So good you got that one!