Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life Since Thanksgiving

Life since Thanksgiving has been chaotic. It has been a time filled with sickness (hence no posts). Amongst the four of us we've had the flu, viral diarrhea, ear infection, severe colds, and lost voice. As this weekend comes to a close, we're all just trying to rest up and be healthy for the holiday season.

Since Thanksgiving, Ian has performed in two Christmas performances. I'm pretty sure he preferred the show at preschool over the one at church. It was a bit long waiting for the older kids to do all their lines, so Ian took a seat during part of it. He and Zach, who's four days older than Ian, were the only three-year-olds, so I think everyone just let it slide. We thought it was great that he didn't cry. He actually missed the part where he sings the most because he had to go to the restroom. He sang the whole time during his preschool program, though I swear I caught him a few times making eyes at the girl next to him.

Preschool Christmas Program

Bored during church program

We also saw Santa. Ian was very impatient in line, but we thankfully averted a public tantrum. He was very serious during his time with Santa. Annaliese, however, didn't want anything to do with him. She started screaming instantly, and we never got a picture with both Ian and Santa looking at the camera.

Meeting Santa

Annaliese had her nine-month birthday and doctor's check-up. She was 28.5 inches tall and 20 pounds 8 ounces. We've moved her up to the convertible car seat, because she only had .5 inches to go before she would meet the height limit. I was concerned at her appointment with the fact she wasn't interested in standing, but that all changed when we got home and Darrin hauled out the leap frog table that we had for Ian. She may have leaned on it a lot in the beginning, but she's doing pretty good with it now. It's so cute when the music plays, because she'll bop her head around and dance with it. She's also crawling like crazy and can get pretty much anywhere

Standings 'tall'

So Big!


Ian's imagination runs wild now and it's so cute listening and watching him. He wears his Buzz costume and pretends Eeyore is Bullseye (the horse in the movie Toy Story), galloping with him around the room. Darrin also rolled him up in a quilt, saying he was a hot dog, but Ian turned it into being inside Santa's sack instead. He also just loves to help around the house, helping me tonight work on Christmas presents for his teachers.

Buzz and "Bullseye"

My Little "Hot Dog"

Sewing Christmas presents

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Cara said...

I can't wait to see you all soon. Looks like Annaliese has changed so much.