Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend To-Do List

Yep, yet again I need to post a To-Do list on here. So blogosphere, keep me on track!

Saturday (green must do, blue if I have time):

- Find recipes for freezer exchange next week.
- Go grocery shopping
- Do 4 loads of laundry
- Finish figuring out pictures for last year's album
- Finish cutting out the rest of the blocks for the blue quilt
- Clean the house (I detest this!) kitchen and bathroom left to go...


- Review IEPs for work
- Make our dessert for the week I made our favorite granola bars
- Figure out scrapbook layouts for Annaliese's album
- Upload pictures and place order from Shutterfly
- Piece blue quilt
- Write Thank Yous

It's just after 9:00 am on Saturday. I would hope I can cross off a lot of these in the next 12 hours!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Perfect Weather

Yesterday was the perfect weather for snowman building. It was almost 50 degrees here in Omaha when I picked Ian up after work, so we came straight home to build our first snowman of the season. And because of the weather, we only had to wear sweatshirts with our snow pants and boots. Well, and he had to borrow some of Annaliese's gloves. His got soaked playing outside at preschool.

I know the colors in the photo are off (the white is TOO white) but I love Ian's expression in the picture.

rolling the head

Finishing Touches

Finished snowman

We came inside after Darrin and Annaliese got home. Annaliese decided to go exploring and she was halfway up the stairs before any of noticed. By the time I grabbed the camera, she was at the top. She crawls super fast now, is pulling herself up on the furniture, and cruising along.
Taking the stairs

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tonight After Work

I got home late tonight because of a meeting at work, but luckily Darrin took some cute pictures of Annaliese while I was gone, and I caught he and Ian in action before bed.

Today was a voting day in Omaha, one in which we had to vote whether or not our mayor should be recalled. Annaliese went with Darrin to help him vote.
She helped Darrin vote today

And she's just a cutie!
My Cutie

Since the Packers are SUPER BOWL BOUND, we've been training Ian to play for them. His stance is pretty good, but we've got to work on tackling lower.
Packer in Training
Tackle practice

From tackling pillows to pillow fights. I was laughing at one point and at others grimacing; Ian was taking some good hits but getting right back up and coming after Darrin.
Father/Son Pillow Fight
Getting Darrin in the pillow fight

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sew-In Results

I got about two solid, uninterrupted hours of sewing last night, which is a rarity for me (usually either the kids interrupt me, or I get frustrated and find something else to do) . I was able to assemble all of the block A blocks for my next quilt. I've wanted to do a monochromatic quilt for awhile, and I was so glad to get started. Now to keep the mojo going and get the rest of the blocks cut and assembled. It's supposed to start snowing here in a few hours; there's no better weather for quilting than that!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

I have a tendency to waste my time on things that are, um, pointless. Probably because I lack self-control. So I'm going to join the virtual Friday Night Sew-In tonight for the first time. A bit of motivation to help keep me on track.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For my sister

My sister left this message for me on my Facebook wall today: you need to write a blog so I know what's going on with your family and can see pictures!!!

In looking at my blog, it has been quite a time since I last posted. We've been busy being a family, in the every day sense, and so nothing that special (read: Blog worthy) happened. It's the every day things I want to remember, though, so I suppose that is what I should blog.

Annaliese LOVES food. She's eating mostly finger foods now, and quite often eats the same thing we do. She has 8 teeth, the last three coming in at the same time, but you never would have known in her temperament. I swear she's the happiest baby ever. Except for when she doesn't get her food...
Give me more!
Yea for food!

We had our first substantial snow on Sunday the 9th. It started snowing around 9:00 am and didn't stop until Monday night. With a total of about 8 inches, school was canceled for me on Monday and Tuesday. That also meant that the grass that was showing before this snow was now covered and we could haul out our sleds. Ian quickly found, though, that you couldn't go very far before your lap was covered in snow. Because of that, he didn't sled very much, instead opting to stomp around in the snow and haul Annaliese's sled. Annaliese went sledding for the first time ever, and while she cried in the beginning, it was because Daddy had put her down, and she is a Daddy's girl through and through.
first day in the snow
snow baby
first sled ride
not the right snow for sledding
first winter snow was deep
Ian pulling Annaliese's sled

At home, Ian has loved playing with his Christmas presents, especially his rescue squad, Buzz, and easel. While I was making supper one night, Ian called out, "Look, it's an mmmmmmm for Mommy!" I think my heart just about burst.
M for Mommy
My Buzz

He has also pretended that Annaliese is Jessie from the Toy Story movies and he is Bullseye.
Ride 'em cowgirl

This past weekend I had the ladies over to quilt. We also exchanged Christmas ornaments since we were never able to get together in December. I made papermache ornaments that I painted. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but I liked how they turned out in the end. I'll have to snap a picture of what the other ladies made. I didn't get any pictures of us hard at work (me cutting out lots of fabric), but I did get one of the boys. We could hear calls of, "Way to go, Ian! You got him!" only to go downstairs and discover they had removed the batteries from his controller.
my ornaments
The boys have fun

And, because my sister asked for pictures tonight on facebook, here are two more: Ian showing the "snowman" he made at preschool and Annaliese showing her tongue.
Ian and his "snowman"
Little tongue

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Times During Break

Favorite Toy
Annaliese's favorite toy while visiting my parents house wasn't any of her new ones, but the old Fisher Price xylophone and mallet- especially the mallet. She carried it around everywhere. She also loved playing with the house in the background, too.

Play Time
Ian's favorite thing was to play with the aliens he got in his Buzz Lightyear fishing game. He would load them into the tractor wagon or fill my old Little People house full of them.

Rockin Out
At Darrin's parents' house, Annaliese loved rocking out to this music toy. She would get to rock back and forth some of the legs would almost come up off the floor. It was too cute!

Huff and Puff
Before heading back to Omaha we stopped by the Quad Cities to visit my grandparents. They had some containers sitting on the table to go out for recycling. Good thing they hadn't taken them out yet because Ian had a blast building with them, then huffing and puffing like the big, bad wolf and blowing them down.

Going up stairs
Annaliese learned how to climb stairs while at their house, too. She tried when we got home, too, but our stairs are full stair height and were too high for her to get her leg up on yet.

Chick in Dicken's Village
We stopped by Great Billie's, too. Ian was obsessed with her Dicken's Village. He had to make sure Chick stopped by for a visit.

Present Fort
Finally back home, we unloaded the car. Ian took all the boxed presents and made a little fort for himself. The boxes also doubled as a sidewalk/road for his vehicles. He was slightly upset when we actually had to take the toys out of the boxes, but that didn't last too long because he had a blast playing with the new toys.

Tea Boy
The thing is, the toys he preferred to play with were Annaliese's toys- her tea set, helicopter, and ball popper toy.

Ian's "Food Stroller"
He has spent a lot of time with his grocery cart, too, which at first he called his food stroller.

Tool Girl
Annaliese, however, would rather play with the screw driver set.

Happy Packer Fan
She must have been paying attention to Ian all those times he was playing tea, though, because now she can crawl right over and grab the handle. She's sporting her new Packer pjs from Darrin's parents, too. It must have worked because they're headed to the playoffs!

Christmas Helpers
And finally, it's a little hard to clean up after Christmas when two cuties have taken over the Christmas tree box, but we got it done. I think this is the first picture we've gotten with both kids looking at the camera.


I am completely and utterly not prepared to return to work tomorrow. Annaliese is going to a new day care and I'm not prepared for her to head there, either. So instead of getting ready, I'm killing time on my computer. What better way to do that other than to write a blog post. While all the Christmas parties consumed a lot of our winter break, it wasn't the only thing we did. Ian had the chance to go sledding behind my parent's house while we were home. He was very excited by the idea (we have less than a quarter inch on the ground here in Omaha) until we got there. Then he didn't want to go down by himself.

Aiming for Mommy

They rode tandem A LOT. Every time they got to the bottom, we'd ask him if he wanted to go by himself, but he'd always say no. So Darrin would haul the sled back up the hill.

My Boys

Eventually Darrin got tired, so Ian tried to take over the job of getting the sled to the top. It was a bit of work with Darrin still in the sled, though.
Heavy Load!

After doing the well worn truck path, Darirn convinced Ian to try the steeper hill. They came to a stop in the piles of snow the plow had made on the other side, and we convinced Ian to sled down the little piles by himself. As he safely made it to the bottom, he decided he was up for trying the big, steep hill by himself.
Hold On Tight!

He was so surprised when he made it to the bottom he said, "Hey! I didn't any snow on myself. Let's do it again!" And that continued several times after. Darrin and I were so happy. It always takes Ian many, many exposures to things before he is confident enough to do them on his own. Usually he's the one begging to go in, but this time it was Darrin and me.