Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For my sister

My sister left this message for me on my Facebook wall today: you need to write a blog so I know what's going on with your family and can see pictures!!!

In looking at my blog, it has been quite a time since I last posted. We've been busy being a family, in the every day sense, and so nothing that special (read: Blog worthy) happened. It's the every day things I want to remember, though, so I suppose that is what I should blog.

Annaliese LOVES food. She's eating mostly finger foods now, and quite often eats the same thing we do. She has 8 teeth, the last three coming in at the same time, but you never would have known in her temperament. I swear she's the happiest baby ever. Except for when she doesn't get her food...
Give me more!
Yea for food!

We had our first substantial snow on Sunday the 9th. It started snowing around 9:00 am and didn't stop until Monday night. With a total of about 8 inches, school was canceled for me on Monday and Tuesday. That also meant that the grass that was showing before this snow was now covered and we could haul out our sleds. Ian quickly found, though, that you couldn't go very far before your lap was covered in snow. Because of that, he didn't sled very much, instead opting to stomp around in the snow and haul Annaliese's sled. Annaliese went sledding for the first time ever, and while she cried in the beginning, it was because Daddy had put her down, and she is a Daddy's girl through and through.
first day in the snow
snow baby
first sled ride
not the right snow for sledding
first winter snow was deep
Ian pulling Annaliese's sled

At home, Ian has loved playing with his Christmas presents, especially his rescue squad, Buzz, and easel. While I was making supper one night, Ian called out, "Look, it's an mmmmmmm for Mommy!" I think my heart just about burst.
M for Mommy
My Buzz

He has also pretended that Annaliese is Jessie from the Toy Story movies and he is Bullseye.
Ride 'em cowgirl

This past weekend I had the ladies over to quilt. We also exchanged Christmas ornaments since we were never able to get together in December. I made papermache ornaments that I painted. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but I liked how they turned out in the end. I'll have to snap a picture of what the other ladies made. I didn't get any pictures of us hard at work (me cutting out lots of fabric), but I did get one of the boys. We could hear calls of, "Way to go, Ian! You got him!" only to go downstairs and discover they had removed the batteries from his controller.
my ornaments
The boys have fun

And, because my sister asked for pictures tonight on facebook, here are two more: Ian showing the "snowman" he made at preschool and Annaliese showing her tongue.
Ian and his "snowman"
Little tongue


Cara said...

thanks for blogging! I love all the pictures.

Tricia said...

Great pictures, I especially like the last one! :)

Glad to see you guys are having a fun winter!

Jennifer said...

So true about recording the everyday moments! Love the pictures at the end!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Yes, these are the things you want to remember. After a while, be sure to download your blog to a DVD and save it!