Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Times During Break

Favorite Toy
Annaliese's favorite toy while visiting my parents house wasn't any of her new ones, but the old Fisher Price xylophone and mallet- especially the mallet. She carried it around everywhere. She also loved playing with the house in the background, too.

Play Time
Ian's favorite thing was to play with the aliens he got in his Buzz Lightyear fishing game. He would load them into the tractor wagon or fill my old Little People house full of them.

Rockin Out
At Darrin's parents' house, Annaliese loved rocking out to this music toy. She would get to rock back and forth some of the legs would almost come up off the floor. It was too cute!

Huff and Puff
Before heading back to Omaha we stopped by the Quad Cities to visit my grandparents. They had some containers sitting on the table to go out for recycling. Good thing they hadn't taken them out yet because Ian had a blast building with them, then huffing and puffing like the big, bad wolf and blowing them down.

Going up stairs
Annaliese learned how to climb stairs while at their house, too. She tried when we got home, too, but our stairs are full stair height and were too high for her to get her leg up on yet.

Chick in Dicken's Village
We stopped by Great Billie's, too. Ian was obsessed with her Dicken's Village. He had to make sure Chick stopped by for a visit.

Present Fort
Finally back home, we unloaded the car. Ian took all the boxed presents and made a little fort for himself. The boxes also doubled as a sidewalk/road for his vehicles. He was slightly upset when we actually had to take the toys out of the boxes, but that didn't last too long because he had a blast playing with the new toys.

Tea Boy
The thing is, the toys he preferred to play with were Annaliese's toys- her tea set, helicopter, and ball popper toy.

Ian's "Food Stroller"
He has spent a lot of time with his grocery cart, too, which at first he called his food stroller.

Tool Girl
Annaliese, however, would rather play with the screw driver set.

Happy Packer Fan
She must have been paying attention to Ian all those times he was playing tea, though, because now she can crawl right over and grab the handle. She's sporting her new Packer pjs from Darrin's parents, too. It must have worked because they're headed to the playoffs!

Christmas Helpers
And finally, it's a little hard to clean up after Christmas when two cuties have taken over the Christmas tree box, but we got it done. I think this is the first picture we've gotten with both kids looking at the camera.

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