Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sew-In Results

I got about two solid, uninterrupted hours of sewing last night, which is a rarity for me (usually either the kids interrupt me, or I get frustrated and find something else to do) . I was able to assemble all of the block A blocks for my next quilt. I've wanted to do a monochromatic quilt for awhile, and I was so glad to get started. Now to keep the mojo going and get the rest of the blocks cut and assembled. It's supposed to start snowing here in a few hours; there's no better weather for quilting than that!


Cindy said...

Way to go on the sewing. I looked at my machine alot last night but didn't sew a stitch. I think tomorrow during the Packer game I'll sew. So far your pattern looks very familiar I can't wait to see the other blocks you need to make.

Anonymous said...

Great blues! I can hardly wait to see what goes with them. I wonder if it's the same quilt my friend in Alaska is sewing!

Moneik said...

The blocks look great. So glad you got some sewing time in.