Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tonight After Work

I got home late tonight because of a meeting at work, but luckily Darrin took some cute pictures of Annaliese while I was gone, and I caught he and Ian in action before bed.

Today was a voting day in Omaha, one in which we had to vote whether or not our mayor should be recalled. Annaliese went with Darrin to help him vote.
She helped Darrin vote today

And she's just a cutie!
My Cutie

Since the Packers are SUPER BOWL BOUND, we've been training Ian to play for them. His stance is pretty good, but we've got to work on tackling lower.
Packer in Training
Tackle practice

From tackling pillows to pillow fights. I was laughing at one point and at others grimacing; Ian was taking some good hits but getting right back up and coming after Darrin.
Father/Son Pillow Fight
Getting Darrin in the pillow fight

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Stephanie Burke said...

That is a good stance, and I love his jammies!