Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am completely and utterly not prepared to return to work tomorrow. Annaliese is going to a new day care and I'm not prepared for her to head there, either. So instead of getting ready, I'm killing time on my computer. What better way to do that other than to write a blog post. While all the Christmas parties consumed a lot of our winter break, it wasn't the only thing we did. Ian had the chance to go sledding behind my parent's house while we were home. He was very excited by the idea (we have less than a quarter inch on the ground here in Omaha) until we got there. Then he didn't want to go down by himself.

Aiming for Mommy

They rode tandem A LOT. Every time they got to the bottom, we'd ask him if he wanted to go by himself, but he'd always say no. So Darrin would haul the sled back up the hill.

My Boys

Eventually Darrin got tired, so Ian tried to take over the job of getting the sled to the top. It was a bit of work with Darrin still in the sled, though.
Heavy Load!

After doing the well worn truck path, Darirn convinced Ian to try the steeper hill. They came to a stop in the piles of snow the plow had made on the other side, and we convinced Ian to sled down the little piles by himself. As he safely made it to the bottom, he decided he was up for trying the big, steep hill by himself.
Hold On Tight!

He was so surprised when he made it to the bottom he said, "Hey! I didn't any snow on myself. Let's do it again!" And that continued several times after. Darrin and I were so happy. It always takes Ian many, many exposures to things before he is confident enough to do them on his own. Usually he's the one begging to go in, but this time it was Darrin and me.

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous learning. Your comment showed how well you understand your son, and accept his style of learning and confidence building. Good for all of you!