Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Already today...

It's a snow day today, and Annaliese and I have had quite the morning already (and it all occurred in the last hour).

She had a MAJOR blow-out. One that resulted in a bath. Usually she takes a bath with Ian; we put her baby tub in the big tub and then each of them has their own space but we can do baths at the same time. Instead of filling her baby tub like normal, I let her play in the big one. She had lots of fun, and I was very surprised she didn't crawl around everywhere to try to get the toys that were floating around. Instead she just sat and reached for them. She also tolerated me snapping lots of pictures.





And then there was after bath. She is getting into everything now. She's figured out how to open doors, and one of her favorites is on our entertainment center. Needless to say, I baby-proofed a bit this morning after she pulled almost everything out on herself.


It's just Annaliese and I home today for the snow day. Ian's preschool was still open, so he's there having a blast I'm sure.

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Tricia said...

Very cute! I LOVE that second picture!