Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Omaha Birthday Party

Only this time, it was for Annaliese. Baby girl turns ONE on Tuesday. How can it be already?! We're having her big birthday back in Iowa in a few weeks, but we had one today with our Omaha friends. Be prepared, this post if very heavy in pictures (since the last few posts have been about Ian, she deserves to have some pictures posted).

Today was really all about the cake. But really, isn't every first birthday about the cake? She was pretty excited to see it on the table, but when we scooted it closer to her, she turned to Darrin and was crying.

It may look like just a normal cake with white frosting, but oh, the inside is so neat! The cake and frosting together had 5.25 cups sugar, 2 pounds butter, 19 eggs, and 6 colors gel food coloring. All to make this:

The pieces were so big, so Ian and Annaliese shared one. She wasn't very big on it, though. We put the plate in front of her, and she just put her thumb in her mouth. I tried to entice her by putting some in her mouth, but she didn't care.

I tried to get her to touch it, but she started to fuss. All that was going through my head was that I had another Ian, who didn't eat his cake and hated having his hands messy until his cake last week.

So finally we pulled out a fork and fed it to her. She'd love the bites from the fork, but not enough to dig in on her own. She just wanted us to feed her. We weren't going to spend the whole time feeding her, there was cake for us to eat (and she really doesn't NEED the cake), so she just sat with her thumb in her mouth.

But much to my joy, while we were eating, she started to dig in!!

And she ate her piece all gone. I think she may have eaten more than Ian.

She is going to be the cutest dressed girl this spring in the outfits she got from Marlena & Noah, and Sara.

And we've got some new books to read at bedtime, and toys to play with before. One of the books she got was about a chameleon and Ian said, "Hey, that's a chameleon. They start off green but change colors." They must have learned about it at preschool, because we've never discussed them before. And my face in the picture, that's my bewilderment face looking towards Darrin, asking, "Where in the world did he learn this?"

We try to do pictures of the three kiddos a lot when we get together, but it's been awhile. It's definitely getting harder; all the kids are mobile now. We started them off on their bellies, but they'd crawl away (well, Ian stayed put the whole time). So on to their backs, but then the rolling would start. Here's the best shots we got.

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Cara said...

I can't believe she is 1 already! Love the pictures. Looks like you all had a great time and awesome job on the cake Marlena!