Monday, February 21, 2011

The Birthday Party was "Buzz"ing (edited)

Ian's 4th birthday party was Saturday and it was a blast. Our parents came for the weekend, and were joined by Marlena, Noah, Walter, Elise (their niece), Sara, Meeghan and Alexa. I think everyone had a great time.

Ian was a ladies' man during the lunch . We had pizza (take-and-bake from Hy-Vee), fruit salad, and lettuce salad.

That was followed by the presents. Ian would say, "Whooooaaaa!" for almost each present he opened, and the "Whoa!" increased in volume and length the farther into opening presents we got. Here are a few we got decent pictures of:
I wish we had a front shot of this one. It captured the "WHOA!" on his face.


Then it was on to the cake. I was so proud of myself for how this cake turned out. I got my inspiration from here. It was my first time making and working with fondant. I made marshmallow fondant. It was lots of fun to play with and create, but I was not a big fan of the taste. The bed was made in a loaf pan, with a dozen Buzz and Woody cupcakes to go with it. The head board was chocolate we melted and let cool. It was a group effort with my mom and mother-in-law frosting and decorating along the way. Ian dictated the placement of all the characters around the cake.

Ian did his shy face while we sang to him. And then he blew them out... or at least tried to.

After a few attempts like that, we switched positions.

And he tried again... but it didn't quite work.

He was finally able to get them out, but it took quite a few huffs and puffs. Which is surprising, if you knew how often he pretended to be the big, bad wolf blowing down the pigs' houses.

Cake was followed by playing with the toys. Buzz was first, after the 20 minute wait it took for Darrin to get it out of the box and twist-ties.

And while Ian was playing with Buzz, Alexa and Elise had fun playing with the characters from the cake and the fondant blocks.

We played Candy Land, but with the Toy Story characters instead.

There were many, many trips to the bathroom to run the Sheriff from the movie "Cars" under the water to watch him change colors.

He enjoyed playing with his K'nex tractor after it was built for him. It's since been taken apart and made into an airplane. I'm pretty sure the people that came with it are already driving his CAT excavator in the basement. DSC_0024

And the toy playing continued for the rest of the weekend. It's a three-day weekend for all of us thanks to President's Day. Right now he has his K'Nex, Toy Story coloring pages, and Toy Story magnets out on the dining room table. He's playing with the characters from the cake, along with Buzz and all the cars from "Cars" on the steps. The living room is covered with his gears set and fire station. And the basement, well, I think he has every possible toy covering the floor down there. Definitely going to be a night for picking up before bed. But the mess is worth it. He's having a blast and it's so fun to watch and listen to him pretend.

Post Edit: Just wanted to add that I ordered the characters for the cake online through

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