Monday, February 28, 2011

Doc Appointment

Annaliese had a doctor's appointment today, a combined one-year well baby with a pre-op appointment. Bright and early tomorrow, her first birthday, she gets tubes put into her ears (I know, wonderful birthday present). At her appointment today, she was once again congested. She also hadn't gained much weight since her last appointment and she's off her curve. Granted it's still the 53rd percentile, but she used to be in the 70s. The pediatrician is hoping that the tubes will make her feel better, and then hopefully she'll pick back up weight wise and stuff. Probably doesn't help that the antibiotics give her lots of diarrhea... Her height measurement was right along the curve at 29.5 inches (67%ile).

The birthday party yesterday must have worn them out because they both took three hour naps. They may have slept all night if we had left them. Ian had refused to take a nap, though he clearly needed one. So we just left him in his room under the guise he needed quiet time. Went in three hours later and found him not asleep in his bed, but in his reading nook:


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