Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That weeknd list...

I didn't get everything that was on my to-do list done for the weekend, but I don't feel guilty about it because
a) there's a snow day today so I can get some things done, and I hope to do some things that aren't on there.
b) I read this post on Life as Mom on Saturday. Seemed a lot like what I was doing with my weekend to-do list. I chalked up not getting everything done to have too big of eyes and that I need to save some stuff for later.
c) I spent it with my family making memories.

Ian and I curled up on the couch Saturday and watched Peter Pan. I have not seen it since I was a wee tot and I do not remember it being as dark, the women being as catty, or Peter being as mean as it was watching it now as an adult. Ian enjoyed it, though he sat with the blanket on his lap, ready to pull it up and cover his eyes whenever he felt scared.

Saturday night we went out to my favorite restaurant, Lazlo's, for supper. Thank goodness we don't live near there because the smell alone would make me want to go there every night to eat (they have a hickory grill and the smell, mmmm). Ian's kid's meal comes with a scoop of ice cream. When our waitress asked if he still had room, he pointed to his back and said, "There's still room right here."

Sunday we went to church and got groceries. I'd like to say we were stocking up for the snow, but we really didn't know it was coming at that time.

And I did do a few things that weren't on the list, but I thought were productive anyway. I made the invites for Ian's birthday party (how can my baby boy be turning FOUR in 13 days?!?!), and prepared/froze one of the meals for our freezer exchange.

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