Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Cakes (yes, plural)

For Annaliese's cake, I knew I wanted polka dots. But after eating Ian's fondant, I knew I did not want fondant on her cake. The fondant was so fun and easy to make, but the taste was nasty. So a search through the web and this cake became my inspiration. It was sprinkles massed together in circles. I could handle doing that.

Fast forward a few days, and one of the blogs I regularly read had a post on homemade sprinkles. After reading up, I realized I needed to try it, and so the process began.

Sprinkles in process

Homemade sprinkles

As for the cake, I wavered back and forth between going out and buying a large sheet cake pan, or making two 9x13 cakes that I was going to butt together. I went with the latter, but the cakes came out so high and rounded in the center that when I leveled them, they seemed so short. My solution was to turn it into a two-tiered cake. Having the flu put me behind, and so I ended up having to do box cake mix. After frosting those, I will never make them again; they are soooo crumbly! During a late-night of no sleep, I feared I wouldn't have enough cake, so the morning before we left, I made some yellow cake in a round pan.

Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Annaliese needed her own little smash cake and it, along with the rest of the cakes, turned out exactly as I envisioned (I love it when that happens).

The birthday girl's cake

She was not a happy girl for reasons I don't want to admit here on the blog, so she did not dig in to the cake until later. But once she did, mmmmm, she loved it.

Not a happy girl

Eating her cake

The cake damage

That was yummy cake

I have now made 5 different frostings between both Ian and Annaliese's birthday: butter cream, fondant, glaze (turned into sprinkles), cream cheese, and store bought. From this smorgasbord of taste-testing, I have learned that I definitely prefer cream cheese frosting. And from now on, only homemade cake for me.

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