Friday, March 11, 2011

He's not a "little" guy

First Sandbox Play of the Season

I often alternate nicknames for Ian, going between Big Guy and Little Man. But one thing I never say is Little Guy. He has never been little, and his 4-year check-up on Wednesday continued to prove that he was big. His weight was 44 pounds (89 percentile) and his height was 42.25 (93 percentile). Not exactly off the charts like he was in the early months of life, but I definitely think he got his daddy's genes and not mine. The nurse was asking us developmental questions in the beginning, and more often than not, Ian answered them even though they were directed towards us. She didn't even need to have us answer the question, "Can he speak sentences of six words or greater?" because he was doing that the whole time. As the doctor was checking him out, she said she had no concerns. That he looked perfect. It was so nice to go to a doctor's appointment and have it be good news instead of those we'd been going to for Annaliese. Ian didn't get away without getting a shot, during which he only said, "Owie!" Annaliese had to get shots, too, as she couldn't have them at her check-up right before her surgery. She cried a bit, but not for an extended period or really loud. To reward them for doing such a great job, we drove across the street to Village Inn, where we took advantage of Free Pie Wednesday.

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