Sunday, March 6, 2011

These are a Few of Her Favorite Things

Annaliese is a very curious, independent little girl. She repeatedly likes to open the island cabinets and dig out the pots and pans.
I got it open
What's in here?
Fun in the Kitchen

When not in the kitchen opening up cabinets, she loves to open the door to the entertainment center. I used to pack stuff away in there, but she keeps getting taller and is able to reach it all.
In the entertainment center

She has also taken away control of the spoon from us. We still scoop the food on for her, but she does everything else. The first few times she'd flip the spoon over in her mouth, but now she's a pro at it.
Feeding herself
I love food!

This isn't one of her favorite things, but I've finally had time to do a bit sewing, which is one of my favorite things. Here's a peek at my latest project, which, like nearly every project I do, wasn't done by the deadline. When am I going to learn to start sooner?
Peed at Walter's Baptism Gift

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Stephanie Burke said...

What a big girl! We had stopped using spoons with Owen because he hated being fed - he wanted to do it all himself. I guess we will need to get back into doing that so he can learn!