Monday, April 4, 2011

Is this on Sale?

While shopping for clothes for family pictures,our travels took us to the Carter's outlet. While searching, Ian approached with a Joey magnetic doll from Doug & Melissa. Now, he's always been a kid who rarely asks and never begs for things when we're out at stores. However, I'm also the type of mom who doesn't like to buy things unless they're on-sale.

In response to his request, I told him he had to ask if he was on-sale (we were told when we walked in that everything in the store was 50% off, but these so rarely go on sale that I wanted to check to make sure). He immediately looked around and didn't notice a salesperson, so I directed him. He walked right over, and I could see the wheels in his head churning to figure out how to get her attention. Turns out an, "Ummm," worked, and he followed it up by asking, "Is this on sale?"

Much to his delight it was, and after having him go up and ask, I had to reward him by buying it. He is usually so shy and this was a big thing for him to do. And I'm so happy I did buy it. He's had so much fun changing Joey's clothes. He's quickly joined the other rescue workers, firemen, Batman, and other toys in playing out whatever Ian's imagining that day.

Police Joey
construction Joey

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Jennifer said...

Jenna has Nina Ballerina from the same line and enjoys playing with it....but not so much as the 5yo boy who comes over to play once/month! Hope Ian has a blast with his!