Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prepping the Garden

Our church has 63 garden plots (roughly 10' x 10') for members and people in the community to use. They've had it for a few years, and we decided to try our hand at gardening this year. Last year Ian had lots of questions about food at the farmer's market and loved helping his grandparents in their gardens, so we figured we should start one. The church only had one plot available for us this year, and we're sharing it with our friends.

Yesterday was the day to prep the garden for planting. There were lots and lots of OmaGrow compost to deposit on the plots, rake out, and then till in. Ian had a great time in the beginning spreading out the compost. At one point when we were standing around talking, he was asking us to get back to work because there were still compost mounds to be dispersed. It was a long morning, though, and after a few hours was ready for home. I was surprised by how content Annaliese was to sit on her blanket or in her stroller. Now to start the seeds so they'll be ready to plant in a few weeks.

Garden #1

Garden #2

Garden #3

Garden #4

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