Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Weeks of Memories

It has been two weeks since I posted last, and looking through the camera files, lots of memories were made. In just the first three days of April alone, we've taken 166 pictures. So, this post will be the first of many to come in the following days, as I have lots of stories to share about my cute kiddos. But first, a story of weather.

The first week of this two week hiatus was spring break. And unlike the week preceding it, with weather in the 60s and sun all week, spring break started with the windows in the house open and ended with shoveling snow off the driveway. It was such a pretty snow with nice, big flakes. Had I not been an overachiever, I wouldn't have needed to shovel because it was all melted that afternoon.

Last day of break, Friday, March 25
It's not December, but March
Our Backyard

Snow Line
My flowers were almost saved by the overhang on the house

March Snow
Love how it piles up on the branches.

Contrast that with a week later. Here's how my flowerbed looked on Friday.
My Crocuus

Oh, but the snow wasn't done last Friday. Even though it melted, it continued to snow these huge flakes We called it a rain/snow. It snowed, but absorbed into the ground just like rain. The snow continued on in to Saturday, the day we had family pictures. When I made the appointment, I figured the weather would be perfect for outside pictures. Not so, though luckily we got some great ones at our indoor location. The temperatures was pretty moderate that afternoon, and we convinced Ian to go out and try catching snowflakes on his tongue. He tried for a few minutes, then ran around the yard in his new Spiderman shoes (which, according to him, help him run really, really fast).
Trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue

And here we are just yesterday, one week after it snowed on family picture day, practically sweating out in the sun.
First "Feels Like Spring" Day

Hopefully the weather this weekend will continue, and the days of snow are gone until Christmas time...

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