Tuesday, May 31, 2011

While the kids were away...

the parents (especially me) did play. Darrin had to work most of the time the kids were back in Iowa visiting their grandparents, but I had time to do a little crafting and cooking.

I made some Fudge Island Bars (no recipe link, it's from an actual cookbook) shortly after the kids left. Why I made a jelly roll for just Darrin and me is beyond me. Needless to say, some of these ended up going in to the freezer for later.
Oatmeal Island Fudge Bars

As the week started, I was all set to make foods that normally send Ian in to a tizzy at supper time. One of them we tried was a chicken and veggie lasagna. I was even surprised Darrin said it was okay to make this past week as he doesn't eat most of the veggies in it. But he ate this dish, and had seconds. Even took the leftovers for lunch the next day. I just wish it would have been creamier. There wasn't a lot of cream to it.
Chicken & Veggie Lasagna

The rest of the dishes I thought I would make didn't end up getting made. Turns out we're not as hungry or consistent about staying on schedule when the kids aren't around. The fruit in the fridge doesn't get eaten as fast, either. Doesn't help that we went out and had several "Date Night" dinners.

The best date night we had while they were gone was to see Wicked at the Orpheum. I HATE the Wizard of Oz, so I was a bit skeptical of the musical, even though everyone I talked to assured me they weren't much related. Well, they were right. I LOVED the whole thing: the story line, the songs, the costumes, and the lighting effects. Oh how I wish cameras had been allowed.
Wicked @ the Orpheum

I spent some time the week they were gone quilting. I made the two blocks for the May friendship block quilt exchange. The first is a "Wonky Square-in-Square" for Jenn. It was totally outside the box of what I normally do, but I enjoyed this. It was so freeing not to worry about cutting everything evenly.
Wonky Square-in-Square

The second is an "Eight-Pointed Star" for Trish. Thankfully Jen shared paper piecing for this with all of us, which was a huge help, as the directions on quilter's cache didn't make much sense to me.
Eight Pointed Star

I also finished quilting and binding a blue monochromatic quilt. As with every other quilt I've made, it wasn't done by its deadline, but hopefully it will be loved by its eventual recipient nonetheless. Even though the pictures don't show the colors the best, from the lightest block to the darkest, they are some type of blue shade. I quilted it in an all-over meander with a Sulky Blendables in blue.
Blue Blocks
Quilting on Blue Blocks

Then there was a bit of scrapboking, too. These first two pages I have had sitting nearly done for the longest time and finally I put some journaling and titles on them. The last one are some pictures and paper I've had for awhile and just finally got it put together. My goal this summer- a layout each week for both kids. We'll see if it happens...
Egg Hunt 08
Easter Basket 08
First Smores

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