Friday, June 24, 2011

Quilt Retreat Project

It's that time of year again when I have to figure out what I'm going to work on at quilt retreat. This year, I know it will be the tree skirt I've been meaning to make for seven years. Other things with a due date or intended for other people always took precedence. But I don't have anything pressing right now, so it's finally time for the tree skirt. It is essentially a log cabin diamond quilt-as-you-go. I hated the way they used the colors, though, in the pattern, where the outer half of every diamond is red, but the upper half is part green and part neutral.

Here is the fabric I pulled from my stash to use for this, followed by two mock-ups.

fabric selections
tree skirt alternating
tree skirt green outer
On this one, the red and green could switch so red was on the outside. 

So here's where I need blogland's opinion.  I know my mock-ups didn't include all possible ways of doing the tree skirt so I'm open to other ideas, and I'm also open to adding/reducing colors.  If you were going to make this skirt, how would you do it?  And to those that don't quilt, your opinion is welcome too. How would you like it to look?

Edited to add: I did some googling and found this one, which is different than my mock-ups.

Cleaning off the SD Card

I was transferring pictures (all 115) over from our camera SD card to my computer, and realized I hadn't shared lots of cute pictures.

Ian has really developed some obsessions over break so far, or at least I'm noticing them more because I'm spending all day, as opposed to 4-5 awake hours with him.

He is obsessed with the TV show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" on Disney. Our couch alternates between being the Jolly Roger and Ian being Captain Hook, or the couch is Bucky (Jake's ship) and Ian is Jake.
Captain Ian

He has spent a lot of time over break coloring and drawing. This was something he was not interested in at all last summer, so I think the preschool experience is coming through.

He is a boy who HATED getting dirty, but this summer has spent a lot of time digging in my flower bed (seeing as how it doesn't have lots of blooming flowers in it, at least it's getting some use this summer).
Dirt Digger

Some interests have definitely carried over from last year:

He's too scared to ride his big boy bike, but loves riding around on his trike. He FINALLY braved leaving our driving to ride down the hill to the neighbor's driveway. It's just hard work biking back up the hill.
Biking is Hard Work

He's helping me bake (here we're making homemade goldfish, though we called them starfish). Ian didn't like them much, but Annaliese LOVES them.
Homemade "Goldfish"

He still loves playing frisbee, and has gotten much better at catching it.
Frisbee Catch

He still loves Toy Story and Cars, though you can add super heroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Iron Man in to the mix as well. He was thrilled to get this in the mail, though, from his great aunt and uncle. It was quickly taken up to his room so Annaliese couldn't get it.
Toy Story Gift

Annaliese's vocabulary has developed so much already, and even though she can only say less than 20 words (that Darrin and I can identify, probably not a stranger, though), she understands so much. Some of her new words include up and fish.
Up Dada
At the Zoo

Her favorites to say, though, are shoes, followed directly by buh-bye. She loves being outside riding her bike (backwards) but to her nothing beats a wagon ride. Even when we take it to the park, she does not want to get out and play.
Her Obsession

She's learned so much more than just words this summer. She's learned how to go down the stairs. Not the traditional way of going backwards, but on our steps with the spindles she holds on and essentially walks down. On the other stairs, she walks to the edge of the stair, plops down which puts her feet on the next stair, and starts the process all over again.
Going Down the Stairs

And she's just a cutie. Ian tells me at least once a day, "Mom, Annaliese is so cute, isn't she." She's especially cute when she's dressed up as Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Weather

The weather this weekend has been fantastic; temperature in the 70s, cool breeze, and no humidity.  Why couldn't it be like this every day? So we spent some time outside, lots of it on Marlena and Noah's new patio. Otherwise it was blowing bubbles and riding bikes outside.  Annaliese wants to do whatever Ian is doing, so she tried to blow her own bubbles (she could put the wand in the bottle, but not blow the bubbles).  She was also able to move her bike, but going back, not forward.

Bubble Fun

More Bubble Fun

Riding her car

So tired

Annaliese is definitely my daughter.  Darrin brought home ice cream on Thursday as a reward for Ian doing such a great job jumping off the diving board.  Annaliese wanted some, too.  She opened her mouth the widest I've ever seen- her eyes almost bugged out- and when it wasn't there fast enough there was lots of screaming and trying to get out of her chair to get closer.  She sure enjoyed each bite she got. 
Open Wide

Mmm Mmm Good

When it was too hot outside (I HATE humidity) the kids played inside, and I got some layouts done. My goal is to finish Ian's baby book (finally) by the end of the summer, so some of these pictures are pretty old. 
Ian Tradition
Ian and I on the Warnecke scale.

Annaliese Tradition
Annaliese and I on the Warnecke scale.

Future Fire Fighter
Ian at the St. Olaf Fire Dept before his 2nd Birthday.

My Sweet Boy
Ian @ 5 months

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today was THE day

At swimming lessons today, it was THE day; as in diving board day.  Last year on the first jump his teacher had to drop him in the water.  He was given the choice last year and chose not to go a second time. I won't even go in to how terribly the next day went...

BUT that didn't hold true this time.
This time, Ian was looking forward to going off the board. We talked about how it's just like jumping off our stairs (he jumps from the 2nd or 3rd stair down to the floor All. The. Time.)  and we talked about how a life jacket works.

This time, he was the first kid to go. 

This time, he didn't need his teacher to drop him in; she didn't even get on the board with him.

This time, when the teacher said jump, he did just that.

And this time, he chose to go a second time.

On the Board

Bomb's Away

Mid Air

Splash Down

He said it was super fun and can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

I am one proud mama!

Family Tradition

I'm working on scrapbook pages for both Ian and Annaliese's baby albums incorporating these pictures, but I thought I'd share on here, too.  When I was growing up, my maternal grandparents owned a general store in their hometown.  It was tradition when a grandchild was born, to be weighed on the scale the scale in the store.  I continued on the tradition with both Ian and Annaliese, though for them the scale is now located in my grandma's basement as the store has closed. 

Colleen on Scale
Me on the scale in Jan. 1981 (I was 1 month old).

Ian on Scale
Ian on the scale April 2007 (Easter time).  He weighed 14.25 pounds.

Annaliese on Scale
Annaliese on the scale April 2010  (Easter time again).  She weighed a little over 10.75 pounds. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Cutie Pie

The weather has been gross the last two days, near or over the triple digits, so the cooler temps and cold breeze was welcome this afternoon after nap time. We headed outside and she was such a cutie and I just had to share.  She had her 15-month checkup last week and she was 31.75 inches tall (87 %ile) and 23 pounds and 13 ounces (66 %ile)).  The doctor pointed out that it was a jump from her 12 month stats, which would explain why I thought her 12 month clothes were getting small on her and she just started wearing them! 


I want this ball



On the Stairs

Hates the Grass

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Picnic

When I think back on my childhood, one of the things I remember is going on a picnic with my family after church.  We'd head to Pike's Peak, Effigy Mounds, or Osborne, eat lunch and walk the trails.  Whether or not that really happened or is just a childhood memory I've fabricated in adulthood, I have no idea, but I'm sure my parents could set me straight.

I'm hoping it was something we did, because it's something I'd like to continue with my family.  Today after church we headed to my favorite picnic place, Chalco Hills.  We ate a picnic lunch of Subway for Darrin and me, peanut butter and honey for Ian, and cheese cubes and bread for Annaliese, with apples, yogurt, and chips for all who wanted.  After lunch we walked the trails, spotting a turtle, along with two deer, all of which made Ian's day.  We finished off the trip watching Ian play at the park. 

He put his own hat on...
Ian put his own hat on- my little homeboy

Picnic lunch
Annaliese ended up eating everything on her plate.

Ian @ Chalco 5/08                                          Annaliese @ Chalco 6/11

Love those curls!
I love those curls!

Trail at Chalco
The start of our trail walking. Wasn't long and Ian wanted to turn back.

Turtle in the rass
And if we had listened, he would have missed seeing this turtle, which we heard walking through the grass before we saw it.  When it breathed, it's mouth puffed up like a frog's. 

Deer #1
The first deer we saw. We stood looking at it for 3 minutes before it slowly moved on.

Troll Bridge
Annaliese and Ian on what we call the Troll Bridge.  Ian was fascinated by the water running under.

Deer #2
Deer number two. This one didn't like us hanging around and started grunting at us.  I now know what sound a deer makes.

Darrin and Annaliese
Darrin and Annaliese watching the deer.

Chalco Slide
Ian enjoying the park.