Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Tradition

I'm working on scrapbook pages for both Ian and Annaliese's baby albums incorporating these pictures, but I thought I'd share on here, too.  When I was growing up, my maternal grandparents owned a general store in their hometown.  It was tradition when a grandchild was born, to be weighed on the scale the scale in the store.  I continued on the tradition with both Ian and Annaliese, though for them the scale is now located in my grandma's basement as the store has closed. 

Colleen on Scale
Me on the scale in Jan. 1981 (I was 1 month old).

Ian on Scale
Ian on the scale April 2007 (Easter time).  He weighed 14.25 pounds.

Annaliese on Scale
Annaliese on the scale April 2010  (Easter time again).  She weighed a little over 10.75 pounds. 

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