Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Kids are Most Definitely Back

The SD card in our camera can attest to that.  In the days since they got back from their grandparents (five days to be exact) we've taken 100 pictures.  Here are some of my favorites:

My monkey boy. Boy, did he freak when Darrin first lifted him up there, but once he realized he wasn't going to fall, I think he enjoyed himself quite a bit.

Swinging Girl. She either was smiling or crying in the swing. If you were talking to her, she loved it; if not, she was scared.

She was flirting with some people off camera and just looked too cute.
Happy Girl

Ian is so at home at the park now talking to the other kids. He loved going down the slide, just to turn around and climb back up with with his sticky legs.
Slidin' Down

Darrin is such a great daddy and I love catching him in his element.
Swinging with Daddy

One of my goals for this summer- to teach Ian how to swing all on his own.
Swing Fun

Our first official day of break Ian turned his easel in to a fort and three days later, it's still his favorite place to play.
Fun Fort

Her rocking chair has become her favorite thing over break. She's either sitting in it rocking herself or pushing it around the living room.
Rockin' Girl

We hauled out Annaliese's new water table the first day of break. Ian is very methodical in his play. He is not a fan of getting splashed on or having his clothes get wet (even though I suggested swim clothes) so it's taken some coaching.
Water Play

Baby Girl, on the other hand, LOVES splashing in the water and could have cared less about the toys that were in it.
Splashing Fun

She was soaked head to toe and was loving every minute (including splashing the camera).
She LOVES Water

Ian started swimming lessons this week. So different from last time. He chats with everyone, cracks jokes, and is not timid at all in the water.
Swimming Lessons

The garden post weeding. Everything's up: onions, peas, lettuce, beans, broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. I should add for those that don't know that we have one plot out of 63 plots at our church.  The very weedy one on the left (which I would like to take over) and the berry bushes on the right belong to other gardeners. 
Our Garden

While we were at the garden, Suzie was there picking strawberries and generously shared some with the kids.
Fresh Strawberry from the Garden

Strawberry Juice

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