Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Weather

The weather this weekend has been fantastic; temperature in the 70s, cool breeze, and no humidity.  Why couldn't it be like this every day? So we spent some time outside, lots of it on Marlena and Noah's new patio. Otherwise it was blowing bubbles and riding bikes outside.  Annaliese wants to do whatever Ian is doing, so she tried to blow her own bubbles (she could put the wand in the bottle, but not blow the bubbles).  She was also able to move her bike, but going back, not forward.

Bubble Fun

More Bubble Fun

Riding her car

So tired

Annaliese is definitely my daughter.  Darrin brought home ice cream on Thursday as a reward for Ian doing such a great job jumping off the diving board.  Annaliese wanted some, too.  She opened her mouth the widest I've ever seen- her eyes almost bugged out- and when it wasn't there fast enough there was lots of screaming and trying to get out of her chair to get closer.  She sure enjoyed each bite she got. 
Open Wide

Mmm Mmm Good

When it was too hot outside (I HATE humidity) the kids played inside, and I got some layouts done. My goal is to finish Ian's baby book (finally) by the end of the summer, so some of these pictures are pretty old. 
Ian Tradition
Ian and I on the Warnecke scale.

Annaliese Tradition
Annaliese and I on the Warnecke scale.

Future Fire Fighter
Ian at the St. Olaf Fire Dept before his 2nd Birthday.

My Sweet Boy
Ian @ 5 months


Moneik said...

The kids are just too cute! Looks like you're having a great summer already.

Debbie said...

Annaliese not only looks like you she has picked up your love of ice cream too. Sooooo cute Thanks for sharing