Monday, July 18, 2011

Brad & Katie's Wedding

Last Saturday my cousin Brad married Katie. It was an outdoor ceremony, and while it was a bit warm, I'm so thankful it wasn't this past Saturday but a week ago. It was beautiful and romantic, as all weddings should be. But more importantly, it was time with family.

Our Family
Before the wedding, we had to get a family picture of us all dressed up.  My parents, my sister and her family, and us.

Brad & Katie
The bride and groom. They'd eventually move and stand under the pagoda he built just for this day.

We Are Family
The song everyone is dancing to- "We Are Family."  What you can't see is my 81-year-old grandma (Great Billie) sitting on a chair in the middle of the group holding her great-grandson Brady (6 mos old).  Everyone in this picture is related to her in some way. This song is requested at every Warnecke wedding and is carried out in the same way.

Out Cold
Not sure if you noticed in the picture above, but Annaliese is tuckered out in my arms.  She slept like this through all the noise- it was amazing.

Ian & Makenna
The best thing for me at the weddings- watching Ian dance.  He and Makenna got their groove on. 

Cutting  a rug
Spinning Makenna around.  Wish I had video capturing them dancing together, and Ian dancing alone.  He was a maniac and so darn adorable on the dance floor.

Great Billie & her Great Grandkids
Great Billie with all 10 of her great-grandkids.  Number 11 will arrive in December.

Girl Can Get Down
Annaliese didn't sleep forever, and she wasn't to be outdone by her big brother on the dance floor.  She strutted her stuff, too.

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