Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's HOT!!!

This past week has been GROSS! Thank goodness for central air.  For most of the week, we kept indoors, but one can only do that for so long before insanity starts to set in.  Here's how we dealt with the heat:

This has nothing really to do wit how we keep cool, it's just a really neat shot Darrin got of Annaliese.  Maybe by asking to have her hat put on (and then it slid down) she was hinting she wanted to be outside...

Pigeon Love
There has been LOTS of book reading by both kids around here. Annaliese is obsessed with the Pigeon books by Mo Williams.  We've got a few new ones after we went to the Borders "going out of business" sale- so sad.

This car has seen more playing time this week than it has in a long time, which is great because it requires the floor to be picked up to have the maximum fun with it.

Parking Lot
Ian hauled out all his cars one day and had lots of fun- here they're going into the parking lot.

Crazy Hair
Clothing has been optional for the kids this week the house... and check out her crazy hair!

We did wander outside to play in the pool on a day when there was a breeze (so I didn't die from the heat watching them play).

Sibling Love
And we went to the zoo Friday.  It was hot, but my summer is almost over and we haven't been enough.  They love each other SOOO much.

hammerhead at the zoo
Ian and the hammerhead.

Jungle Waterfall
Annaliese in the jungle.

I have also been doing some scrapbook organization/prepping and will hopefully have some new layouts to post soon, as well as a quilting project that needs buttons and mounting. Hopefully by next weekend...

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