Friday, July 1, 2011

Quilt Retreat Day One

About to head to bed, but I had to post three pictures:

Picture One: I finished the first diamond for the tree skirt. 
tree skirt 1
Yep, there would be no red or green in that.  After looking at the fabrics and a night when sleep would not be had, I decided all neutral was the way to go.  Two more identical blocks like this, and then three of the reverse.  I'm a slow quilter, so we'll see how much progress I'll make...

Picture Two: My little diva
She looks so big!
Darrin sent this picture to me tonight "just to make me miss her more."  It worked.  She's so freaking adorable in there and looks so much older than the 16 months she is today.

Picture Three: My Tired Boy
sleeping ian
My sister sent me this on my phone.  Ian came to Iowa with me and got to spend the day with Aunt Cara and cousin Oliver.  He made it all the way home without sleeping, so didn't get to bed until after 10 last night and was up at 6:15 to play.  A nap was necessary, and he chose to sleep on the floor behind the chair because he wanted to hide from Grandpa, or scare him when he got home.

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