Saturday, July 30, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Ian is in love with Peter Pan. He has watched that movie more times in the last 6 months than I have in my whole life.  His favorite TV show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates, in which the main character and his crew are friends of Peter's and in every episode have a run-in with Captain Hook.  One of his main pastimes this summer has been to pretend he is a pirate; the couch is his ship, he has a fort, and has drawn many treasure maps (and I love listening to him explain the route we need to take to get there).  He pretty much lives and breathes pirates.  So, Darrin  and I staged a treasure hunt for him.

Fort Fun
His fort.  Originally created as a place for him to have toys that Annaliese can't get to. 

What's This?
Someone, Ian can't decide if it's Jake or Peter Pan, left this map laying on top of the fort.

X Marks the Spot
THERE'S THE X! Right in Mommy's flowers.  He was all about going to find the treasure... but first, a change of clothes (still in pj's).  The wonderful map was made by Darrin.

Around the Tree
Outside, the first thing the map said to do was to go around the tree. 

Reading the Map
Still following the map. Watching him decipher the map was interesting.  He generally knew what he was supposed to do, but had trouble following the route exactly (as in, he wanted to go around the first bush in the backyard, not the second as indicated on the map).  Still he was having a BALL!

I See Something
He located where the X would be and started digging.  Didn't take him long to find something.

The Treasure
Imagine sharp intake of breath when the treasure was opened, because that's what he did.  Inside he found a Mater toy from Cars 2, and then many trinkets Darrin had as a kid.  Had we planned this out a bit more, I probably would have decorated the box to look like a treasure chest, but I don't think he cared at all. 

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Cara said...

Such a cute idea. I'm sure Pirate Ian loved the whole thing.