Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation Week (Wednesday afternoon- Friday)

After we packed up the campsite and headed back to my parents' house, every single one of us took a nap. Ian slept the longest (around 3 hours), and this was just a few hours after we had gotten up. It's crazy how even though we slept while camping, we were all so exhausted still.

All refreshed, we headed to Backbone State Park. Instead of going to the main lake, we pulled off along one of the many streams and did more creek stomping. I love stomping because it's a great way for us all to get wet, but I can wear clothes over my suit, so I'm super happy. At first, Ian clung to Darrin and me. He really didn't want to walk around much, which was hard for us to grasp because the water was crystal clear, shallow, and he had been stomping just a few days earlier at the cabin. As it would work out, he finally started enjoying himself around the time Walter and Annaliese (who loved the water initially) had had enough.
More rocks

For supper Wednesday night, we took everyone out to eat to Fennelly's in Elkader. I had some FANTASTIC fish and chips; actual real fish, not the overly processed kind with too much breading on it. On Thursday morning, after a stop by Pedretti's Bakery and Osborne, Marlena, Noah, and Walter headed home and we headed to spend time with Darrin's parents. We spent the afternoon relaxing and that night took Ian to see Cars 2.

Friday morning after breakfast, Great Grandma came up to watch Annaliese and the rest of us slathered on the sunscreen and took Ian on his first canoe trip down the Turkey River. Unlike back here in Omaha, it has been very dry there and the water was low. It didn't take long for Ian to start asking when we would be there. Things got better, though, when we stopped at a sand bar for snacks and fun.  Grandpa found some empty shells for Ian, which he was ecstatic about.  We tried to get him to float down the river, but he freaked out the entire 10 feet we tried to have him float. Needless to say, he wouldn't try that again.  It didn't stop him from stomping through the river and hunting for more shells.

After that, the canoe trip wasn't as bad.  He started pretending to be Peter Pan and shouting, "Ahoy there mateys" across the river to Grandma and Captain Hook.  We stopped again at another bar and found a live clam for him to investigate.  Along the way we had also seen deer, a bald eagle, an otter, and lots of blue heron.  At the end, Ian said he had a blast and wanted to do it again. 
Ready for the River

His treasure

If you could hear his screams...

Ahoy Matey!

It's Alive!

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