Sunday, August 7, 2011

Splash Park

Last Wednesday we went to a splash park with Ian's preschool class. Ian had TONS of fun and Annaliese was a bit overwhelmed by all the people (there were  easily 50 kids running around- three different day cares were there).  We decided to go back yesterday for almost an hour.  They had lots of fun, and I so enjoyed watching them with the other kids.  Annaliese had a boy about  a year older following her around everywhere and Ian had a girl he was hanging out with.  They would both run around like crazy from one feature to the next. And all the while, Darrin and I could sit safely in the shade and watch them play. Now I want to go check out all the splash parks (also called spray parks) around town to see which one is the best!   

Splash Park 5Splash Park 1
Splash Park 4
Splash Park 3
Splash Park 7
Splash Park 8
Splash Park 9
Splash Park 2
Splash Park 11
Splash Park 12

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Debbie said...

It looks like they did have a lot of fun. The pictures are real cute, thanks for sharing