Monday, August 22, 2011

The Weekend Lens

Warning: This post has LOTS of pictures. 

We went home this weekend to celebrate Oliver's first birthday.  Such a major milestone for a guy who spent his first weeks in the NICU.   It didn't take him long to find the frosting, and by the time he was done, he had frosting all over and needed to get a bath in the sink.

Birthday Boy!

Birthday Mess!

Ian has become a little photographer. He asks quite often at home now if he can use the camera. We don't have a small camera, and I'm surprised at how well he does handling the weight and the proportions of it. So in the car on the way home, I wasn't surprised when he asked for the camera. Here's the view of our ride home from his perspective.

Me and my game



Silly Sister


Wind Turbines

The Photographer

We haven't been able to take the normal way to/from home lately because Interstate 680 south to Omaha has been closed due to flooding. The Missouri has been flooding since the end of May/early June and has just now started to recede. We've been taking I-80 around, but after it took an hour this weekend to get out of Omaha thanks to an accident on the interstate, we thought it might be good to look for an alternate route. We headed home this time by taking 680, then veering north to Mo. Valley and crossing the border on Hwy. 30. It took a bit longer, but I'm glad we went that way.

Crest on 680
For those familiar with 680, this is as you crest the hill right before the north/south split.  The rest stop with the lookout tower is just off to the right.  It was so strange to crest the hill and see water where there normally is absolutely none- not even a view of the river.

Near 680/29 Intersection
This is near the bottom of the hill before the north/south split.   I wonder what it looked like at the highest levels.

Hwy 30 near IA/NE border
This is Hwy 30 west of Mo. Valley near the entrance to the DeSoto Wildlife Refuge.  I believe that the only time this road was closed was when the DOT put up barriers.  I've never been this way before, but I doubt it' supposed to look like this.

Near DeSoto Wildlife Refuge
A farm near the DeSoto Wildlife refuge. 

Missouri River on Hwy 30
The actual Missouri River.  It's had to tell in the picture, but it is quite high (though the river always seems small compared to the Mississippi). 

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