Sunday, September 25, 2011

Children's Museum

Last weekend Grandpa Dan, Grandma Diane, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Ryan, and Cousin Owen came to visit. we had a fun-filled weekend. Our first stop was the Children's Museum. We hadn't been there for a few years, and I think Ian enjoys it much more at this age than when we were there at least two years ago. Annaliese had a blast, too, especially with anything that had a steering wheel.

We started off in my favorite room, the ball room. Once you put a ball in an opening, the balls are moved along inside tubes through blowers, gravity, and science I don't understand.  They are all deposited in a bin on the ceiling, which dumps them on all standing below.  


Ball Grab

Ball Drop

Aunt Stephanie gave Ian a lift on the chair in the ball room. 
Up Lift

After the ball room we headed upstairs to the special dinosaur exhibit. Ian was scared of the T-Rex that greeted us and almost didn't make it in the room.  Once in, though, little attention was payed to the dinosaurs.  Instead, Ian was obsessed with playing in the a kitchen where you could prepare large cuts of meat, and Annaliese loved playing on the playground up there as well. 

Grill Man


I don't know what the next room is called, but it contains many different things. Annaliese sat in the green tractor forever.  If there hadn't been a line, I don't think Ian ever would have gotten off the CAT.  He loved every minute of being a fireman and Annaliese had fun playing in the water. I wish I could get Ian to do all my grocery shopping for me. 
Farm Girl

Crewman Ian

Water Play

Fireman Ian

Stocking Up

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bedtime Story

Ian could 'read' "There's an Alligator Under my Bed" pretty much word for word shortly after we checked it out from the library and has read it so much after.  I know it's a bit difficult to understand, butt I had to share.  So if it's close to your bedtime, let Ian read you to sleep. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

August Scrapbook Pages

Well, September is a third over, and I'm behind. Here are the scrapbook pages I made during August. Most of these were made for challenges on Club CK, a message board and inspiration gallery for scrapbookers.  I try to do the issue challenge there every week, which guarantees I get at least 4 layouts done a month. 

Packers Proposal
This layout is about the day Darrin proposed to me at Lambeau Field.  I had carried the tickets around in my wallet until I made the page.  This one was made for an issue challenge involving family trivia. 

One Year
Ian's Sears pictures for his first birthday.  The journaling tag get tucked in behind his picture so it's hidden.  This was for an issue challenge on CK in which I had to use onomatopoeia- a word that represents a sound (SMACK).  Onomatopoeia is one of my favorite words to say and I loved teaching it when I was in the classroom. 

So Tired
One night at dinner, Ian was tired and asked for a towel to sleep on. 
This layout was for fun and based on a sketch from sketch support. 

Great Grandpa & You
Ian having fun with his great-grandpa (Ian was 5 mos). This issue challenge involved using eyelets.

Our camping trip from this past summer.  When I look at it, it doesn't seem finished to me.
Might have to add something more.

Bucket List
My Bucket List- the major one is for me to really experience all the states.  To make this layout, I used Photoshop Elements 8 to incorporate lots of layer masks to make a picture of each state I've visited into the shape of the state.  Made for the Book of Me challenge and an issue challenge involving negative space titles. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Picnic Perfect Weekend

The weather was lousy here on Saturday, rainy and cold all day.  Ian matched his temperament with the weather that day.  Luckily Sunday and Monday both dawned sunny in both weather (right around 70) and disposition and we were able to have picnics both days.

Sunday we went and explored Schramm State Park, just south of Gretna.  You can tell it's fallen on hard times thanks to the budget, but we still had a great time. We ate a picnic lunch and then began exploring. It is home to a hatchery and the kids had a blast feeding the fish and the ducks would eat the food right out of your hand (of course, we didn't bring money for the fish food, so we only had enough after feeding the fish for one bite from the ducks).



One of the lagoons had this gross covering over all of it, and as we approached, we thought we wouldn't see anything. Turns out it was my favorite lagoon. Frogs would pop up through the covering, then quickly go under just to pop up nearby a second later. And on the lily pads we spotted a turtle.



Our favorite part was walking the miles of trails. It was flat enough that even Annaliese could walk most of it herself (though Darrin did carry her in parts... she is a slow walker). While we were walking, Ian would run ahead, turn around, and hold out his arms for Annaliese. She would scream with pleasure, pick up the pace, and head into his arms for a hug. This continued over and over on the trip. Loved it!



Annaliese view

And of course, Ian needed a turn with the camera, capturing this shot.

Ian's Capture

On Monday, we headed to a local town park for another picnic lunch and some playing on the park equipment.

Tank Man

Teeter Totter



Maybe Someday

In the Tree

It was such a relaxing weekend (if you look at my to-do list, you'd know it was. Only one thing was crossed off). It makes going back to work even harder. At least it's only a four-day week!