Sunday, September 25, 2011

Children's Museum

Last weekend Grandpa Dan, Grandma Diane, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Ryan, and Cousin Owen came to visit. we had a fun-filled weekend. Our first stop was the Children's Museum. We hadn't been there for a few years, and I think Ian enjoys it much more at this age than when we were there at least two years ago. Annaliese had a blast, too, especially with anything that had a steering wheel.

We started off in my favorite room, the ball room. Once you put a ball in an opening, the balls are moved along inside tubes through blowers, gravity, and science I don't understand.  They are all deposited in a bin on the ceiling, which dumps them on all standing below.  


Ball Grab

Ball Drop

Aunt Stephanie gave Ian a lift on the chair in the ball room. 
Up Lift

After the ball room we headed upstairs to the special dinosaur exhibit. Ian was scared of the T-Rex that greeted us and almost didn't make it in the room.  Once in, though, little attention was payed to the dinosaurs.  Instead, Ian was obsessed with playing in the a kitchen where you could prepare large cuts of meat, and Annaliese loved playing on the playground up there as well. 

Grill Man


I don't know what the next room is called, but it contains many different things. Annaliese sat in the green tractor forever.  If there hadn't been a line, I don't think Ian ever would have gotten off the CAT.  He loved every minute of being a fireman and Annaliese had fun playing in the water. I wish I could get Ian to do all my grocery shopping for me. 
Farm Girl

Crewman Ian

Water Play

Fireman Ian

Stocking Up

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Jennifer said...

Wow, looks like a great children's museum!