Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Hoopla

For the past 4 years, Marlena and Noah (and eventually Walter) spent Halloween with us in our neighborhood.  This year we switched things up and headed over to their house.  After a delicious dinner (Noah's chili for the adults and mummy dogs for the kids), it was time to put on costumes.  We had no problem convincing Ian to change, but it took some bribery distraction, in the form of chocolate, to get Annaliese in hers.  Ian chose to be Peter Pan this summer and hasn't wavered.  So of course, Annaliese had to be Tinkerbelle.  His costume was MUCH easier to make than hers.  Walter was the cutest owl ever. 

Ian loved to march ahead of us, flashlight in hand, to all the houses.  Eventually we had to take the flashlight away (shining it at people, not the sidewalk) and talk to him about running ahead. It's apparently hard work waiting for two tiny tots to catch up, even though we had a wagon to haul them in, and he let us know he wasn't happy with us.  He did a great job saying, "Trick or Treat". I'm pretty sure the people in the next house could hear him, he spoke so loud. He probably would have gone all night long if we let him.  Compared to our neighborhood, their neighborhood is lacking lots of Halloween decorations.  Last year Ian was terrified to walk up to some of the houses (and this year even more went over-the-top crazy with decorations).  In Marlena and Noah's neighborhood, only one house had something that scared him, and he was able to get past his fear and go to the door.

It's hard to tell what Annaliese loved the most.  All thoughts of hating the costume vanished when we walked out the door and she saw the wagon.  She loved riding in it and would tap the seat across from her because she wanted Walter in there, too.  As soon as the wagon stopped, though, she immediately stood up and was all business walking to the door.  After the first house she had it all figured out and didn't hesitate to reach forward and grab the candy and put it in her bag.  She'd mumble thank you, but you could clearly hear her tell people buh-bye.

The scrapbooker in me really, really tried to get a picture of the two of them standing or seated with their pumpkins, but neither of them were having it.  I may even have caused some of the moody behavior by trying to get too many pictures.  Oh well, so it goes.  Here are some of the shots we did get:

Trick or Treat

Easy Riding

More waiting

Waiting patiently


Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle


Bribing Tink with Chocolate

Peter bustin a move

Silly Peter Pan

All in all, I think everyone had a great night. Can't wait to see what the kids decide to be next year.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pooley's Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon we made our annual trek to Pooley's Pumpkin Patch.  I really, truly, love this time of year. We visit the same places and do similar things year after year, and it's so neat to see what the kids do the same and differently over the years. Case in point, the first time we ever went to Pooley's, Ian was terrified of the baby chicks and wouldn't hold one.  Today, he reached in all by himself and grabbed one with absolutely no prompting from us.  But holding true to every year, he wanted to "drive" every tractor there.  Annaliese was more animated than last year and climbed on everything.  She LOVED all the animals; cows, bunnies, chicks. 

I know how this works
Ian knew exactly what to do on the tractor.  His words, "Let me practice!"

Girls can drive tractors
Annaliese loved being on the tractor, too, and turning the wheel.

Feeding the chickens/roosters
The roosters/hens would eat right out of our hands.  Annaliese eventually got right in there, too.

Petting the chick
She didn't quite have gentle figured out.

Look Mommy!
"Mommy, look at the chicks!"

His chick
I couldn't believe how comfortable Ian was picking them up all by himself.

Corn fun!
In "Cornyville" Annaliese loved it when Darrin poured corn down on her hands. 

My lil pumpkin
My Little Pumpkin

In the maze
Ian got to lead the way for all of us in the corn maize. 

End of the maze
And he made sure to greet Annaliese at the end.

He Asked Me to take his picture
Ian put himself there and said, "Mom, take my picture!"

Best Family Shot
Our best shot out of about 10 of the family.  Will we ever get a picture where we're all smiling and looking at the camera?

Pumpkin Patch
Ian took FOREVER to find a pumpkin. I think the fact that people were getting on the wagon is what finally forced him to make a decision.

Found her pumpkin
Annaliese wasn't as picky. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

September Craft Ceations

Moneik's Block
Moneik's Lover's Lane block for the friendship block exchange

Patti's block
Patti's Greek Cross block for the friendship block exchange

Cindy's Block
Cindy's Annie's Choice block for the friendship block exchange

Second First Birthday
Great Billie threw Ian a first birthday party when we visited March 08 when she couldn't make it to Omaha for his party.  Layout down for CK issue challenge in which  you had to use numbers in your title.

Four Generations
Four Generations with Annaliese.  Made for CK issue challenge to use multiple photos. 

I'll Never Forget
After watching and discussing the events of 10 years ago, I had to get my story on paper. One thing I always wonder is where my parents/grandparents were when major events happened in their life, so now at least Ian and Annaliese will know if they're ever curious. Created for CK issue challenge to cluster.

So adorable
Annaliese being so adorable in her adorable outfit.  Made just for fun :)

Day You Turned One
Ian's first birthday fell during the week, so we snapped pictures and so did day care.  Can't believe how much he's changed since then.  Still remember those days like they were yesterday. 

Apple Orchard

Last weekend, with my parents in town, we traveled to Small's Fruit Farm in Mondamin, Iowa to pick some apples. It's a bit of a drive from Omaha, but worth it.  This year we got to see all the flooding.  Interstate 29 South had just opened from Missouri Valley into Omaha (though 680 remains closed) and all along the way fields were still filled with water and houses built up on a slight hills looked like little islands- no way to get to or from the houses but boat.

It's the same orchard we visited last year, yet such a difference experience with the kids being a year older. At first Darrin was lifting Ian to get apples, but we found some trees that still had apple within reach, so Ian started trying to climb every tree, most of the time unassisted.  Annaliese didn't chill in the stroller the entire time (we used it for the heavy apple bag instead).  She was content to be carried in Grandpa and Daddy's arms.  In the end, Ian had enough and refused to pose for a picture, hiding behind the sign instead.

Apple Boy

Step Up

Apple Girl

Within Reach

I'm Up Here



So High

Monkey Boy

Small's Fruit Farm

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two Weeks Ago...

We went to the zoo with Darrin's family. The good thing- there was barely anyone there.  The bad thing- it rained nearly the entire time we were there.  That didn't stop us from having a great time and seeing many of the sights we don't normally stop by to see in the summer (desert dome, kingdom of the night, butterfly house).  Ian wanted to stop and look in EVERY window/cage/display.  Annaliese conked out after our picnic lunch, but enjoyed looking at everything, too.  She's learned that monkeys say, "Oo-oo-oo." 

jungle bridge

Swinging on the vine


Not the best spot for her

Out of the jungle tree

Give Me Five

Gorilla House

Tuckered out