Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Orchard

Last weekend, with my parents in town, we traveled to Small's Fruit Farm in Mondamin, Iowa to pick some apples. It's a bit of a drive from Omaha, but worth it.  This year we got to see all the flooding.  Interstate 29 South had just opened from Missouri Valley into Omaha (though 680 remains closed) and all along the way fields were still filled with water and houses built up on a slight hills looked like little islands- no way to get to or from the houses but boat.

It's the same orchard we visited last year, yet such a difference experience with the kids being a year older. At first Darrin was lifting Ian to get apples, but we found some trees that still had apple within reach, so Ian started trying to climb every tree, most of the time unassisted.  Annaliese didn't chill in the stroller the entire time (we used it for the heavy apple bag instead).  She was content to be carried in Grandpa and Daddy's arms.  In the end, Ian had enough and refused to pose for a picture, hiding behind the sign instead.

Apple Boy

Step Up

Apple Girl

Within Reach

I'm Up Here



So High

Monkey Boy

Small's Fruit Farm

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Jennifer said...

Looks like great fun!