Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pooley's Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon we made our annual trek to Pooley's Pumpkin Patch.  I really, truly, love this time of year. We visit the same places and do similar things year after year, and it's so neat to see what the kids do the same and differently over the years. Case in point, the first time we ever went to Pooley's, Ian was terrified of the baby chicks and wouldn't hold one.  Today, he reached in all by himself and grabbed one with absolutely no prompting from us.  But holding true to every year, he wanted to "drive" every tractor there.  Annaliese was more animated than last year and climbed on everything.  She LOVED all the animals; cows, bunnies, chicks. 

I know how this works
Ian knew exactly what to do on the tractor.  His words, "Let me practice!"

Girls can drive tractors
Annaliese loved being on the tractor, too, and turning the wheel.

Feeding the chickens/roosters
The roosters/hens would eat right out of our hands.  Annaliese eventually got right in there, too.

Petting the chick
She didn't quite have gentle figured out.

Look Mommy!
"Mommy, look at the chicks!"

His chick
I couldn't believe how comfortable Ian was picking them up all by himself.

Corn fun!
In "Cornyville" Annaliese loved it when Darrin poured corn down on her hands. 

My lil pumpkin
My Little Pumpkin

In the maze
Ian got to lead the way for all of us in the corn maize. 

End of the maze
And he made sure to greet Annaliese at the end.

He Asked Me to take his picture
Ian put himself there and said, "Mom, take my picture!"

Best Family Shot
Our best shot out of about 10 of the family.  Will we ever get a picture where we're all smiling and looking at the camera?

Pumpkin Patch
Ian took FOREVER to find a pumpkin. I think the fact that people were getting on the wagon is what finally forced him to make a decision.

Found her pumpkin
Annaliese wasn't as picky. 

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