Saturday, November 5, 2011

October Accomplishments

The month of October started off with a scrapbooking weekend extravaganza.  The scrapbooking magazine I subscribe to, Creating Keepsakes, hosted a Scrap & Play weekend here in Omaha.  About 150 people attend. Two of those attendees were Marlena and me.  We scrapbooked from 5:30 until midnight on Friday and 9:00 am til midnight on Saturday.  Included with our cost were five different cards/layouts/albums they talked us through making.  I didn't really care for the cards, and have other plans for the travel album they offered, but I did make all the layouts (though I only have one finished).  We also got time to work on our own layouts.  I would totally go again next year. Other than that, October consisted of getting my weekly layout down for Erika's issue challenge on Club CK and the kids' Halloween costumes.

Apple Picking 2010
Created the same weekend we went to the orchard this year.  Pictures from last year's trip. Made for Erika's issue challenge to include apples on a layout.  I'd been saving this paper for a year, and was finally glad I printed the pictures and made myself use it.

Canoeing 2011
Canoeing 2011.  I made this one at the CK Scrap & Play just because.  I free-handed the paddle and used some glossy accents on top to give it the poly-sheen Ian's paddle had.  Also used just a bunch of journal tags overlapped to write on. Not sure if I liked that part.

Annaliese Coming Home
Another one of my layouts I did at CK Scrap & Play just because I needed to document the story of Annaliese coming home from the hospital.

Thumb Sucker
Completed at CK Scrap & Play for Erika's issue challenge requiring us to use a sketch from the Oct. issue.  After I shot this picture, I realized the middle picture on the top was upside down, so it's switched on the actual layout. I used some stickles on the accents to give them a bit of frosted sparkle.

Cutie Pie
This was one of the three layouts they provided supplies for and walked us through at the Scrap & Play.  When I got home, I simply added the pictures and put the embellishments on top.  The circle picture is just a bit blurry, and that fit Erika's challenge to use a blurry picture.

Annaliese Title Page
This one didn't quite turn out how I envisioned, but it's done and in her book.  This will be the title page in her baby book. Made for Erika's challenge to incorporate a pin in your layout. 

Peter Pan @ Spooktacular
I made Ian's costume this month. The shirt is just an oversized green t-shirt I bought and cut triangles at the bottom.  The pants are green pajama pants.  The belt and hat were inspired by this costume and tutorial.  He absolutely loved it.  Here he is at the Spooktacular his preschool had.

Tinkerbelle dress
Annaliese modeling her costume shortly after it was made.  The tutu turned out way puffy, even after I thinned it out and didn't involve sewing, so I'll just show the dress, made from this tutorial with a few little changes. After a couple screaming fits, she would at least wear this part of her costume with little complaint.  

That's it for this month. I wish every month I could go to a day-long scrapbooking or quilting event. I'd get so much more accomplished. I already have a quilt block done for November, though, so there's a start!

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