Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendar Dec. 1

I've been absent from the blog for almost a month, but I'm about to make up for it (I think).  As a last minute creation, mostly out of annoyance for answering Ian all the times he asks, "How many days until Christmas?" I created an advent calendar.  Took some ideas I saw on pinterest, some brainstorming, some googling of Omaha events, and came up with 24 ideas (because our family Christmas will be the 24th).  Ian walked down to the kitchen this morning to see this on the wall:
I'm annoyed I didn't have enough white tags on hand (they were made and hung after 10 last night), and had no idea when I was writing on the tags how they'd be arranged. I'll definitely do something different for presentation next year, like perhaps actually sew together the one my parents gave me before I had kids. 

Ian saw it this morning and said, "A calendar - in the shape of a tree - to countdown for Christmas?" (Imagine his voice raising at the end of each phrase.)  He knew exactly what it was for.  Each of the tags will eventually have a Christmas activity associated with it.  I have a list of options, and am only writing on a few tags at a time so that we can place activities according to our schedule.  

Ian flipped over today's tag and it said, "Go to the library and check-out a Christmas book."  Of course, the library was pretty much barren of Christmas books, but we did find one to bring home, though Ian was way more excited about the Curious George and Berenstein Bear books.  

Stay tuned for more updates on our Advent activities!


Jennifer said...

Our kids were also thrilled by the advent calendar yesterday. Your looks like a lot of fun!

Cara said...

Nice tree!