Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Calendar Dec. 15-19

December 15 - "Celebrate Mommy's Birthday"  We went out to my favorite restaurant, Lazlo's, with Marlena, Noah (whose birthday was yesterday) and Walter.  Enjoyed some Kahlua brownie and ice cream for my birthday treat.
Table full of food
Ian helping to blow out my candle (his kid's meal came with ice cream, too).

December 16 - "Christmas party at church"  We went to church with my parents and sat again with Marlena, Noah, and Walter, enjoying a pasta dinner amongst others in our congregation.  Annaliese would shove handfuls of the spaghetti in her mouth, and it was so neat watching her with those long noodles.  Ian didn't eat much pasta, but enjoyed lots of the sweets, including decorating his own gingerbread.  After dinner, we were entertained by our interim pastor singing a song he wrote earlier in the month, two sisters playing Christmas music on their violins, another group of sisters performing a dance, and everyone joining in to sing carols.  My favorite two would either be the reading of a story for the kids (look up The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado, it's a great Christmas story) or the black light show performed to "Do You Hear What I Hear?"  Wish I had pictures to show, but we forgot the camera at home.

December 17 - "Bake Christmas Cookies"  Before Darrin and I headed to Kansas City, we helped the kids cut out some cookies.  Ian was opposed to doing it the whole morning because it would take away from his playing time with Grandpa, but once he started, he wanted to keep going and going.
Annaliese making her first ever cut-out cookies
Rolling out the dough (the light streaming through our window was very annoying!)

Ian was all about doing it all by himself. I think the gingerbread and snowman were his favorite shapes.

December 18 - "Frost Christmas Cookies"  Grandma helped Ian frost cookies while Annaliese was asleep and we were watching the Packers live.  He said he had a lot of fun doing it, and enjoyed eating them as well.
Hard at work
The final spread (saving some for mommy to frost later)
December 19 - "Enjoy homemade hot cocoa"  I made this hot cocoa recipe before we left for the weekend, and we enjoyed some tonight.  Darrin and Ian both said it was better than the powdered stuff because it was thick and rich. That's probably what happens when you use milk, heavy cream, and chips instead of water and powder.  And making it is so simple that we just might have to make this our go-to hot cocoa now.
Scooping the cocoa (it taste great plain, too!)

Adding it to the milk

Enjoying the final product
Annaliese didn't have cocoa, but she really enjoyed the cranberry sauce

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Debbie said...

I cannot believe you went somewhere without your camera. I thought it would be by your side at all times and you would never leave the house without it. You always have pictures to share and we love them.