Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Advent Calendar Dec. 22

Today was "Celebrate Christmas with the Witchells" We had a fantastic time as always.  Ian resumed his role of present-passer-outer and took it very seriously.  Annaliese and Walter were both into opening presents this year, instead of just interested in playing with the paper.  Once finished, they immediately started playing with their favorite presents; for Ian, a set of four characters (Spiderman, Superman, a pirate, and a knight) made by Noah, and for Annaliese, feeding her babies with the food.  Both Annaliese and Walter loved banging on the box holding Walter's rocking chair.  Annaliese wanted to immediately change into the clothes she got, and Ian couldn't wait until the morning when I promised we'd play his new I Spy game.   

Passing out the presents
Opening her first present- a puzzle
Walter loved his truck puzzle

Annaliese opens an ornament
Ian checking out his I Spy game
He picked this book for his bedtime story
Ready to change into her new clothes
Walter loves to rock in Annaliese's chair, which is good because we gave him a similar chair
It didn't take Ian long for the characters Noah made to find their way to his fort and meet his fireman.

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